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The pure energy rush that your receive from drinking your pre workout is by far, the most notable feeling.  The energy creates motivation which in turn boosts performance, builds muscle faster and brings you focus so you can accomplished your goals.

If you are like most people, you have time when exercising feels like the very last thing that you want to do.  Fortunately, you are not the only one.  But luckily, there is a solution called pre workout.

crossfit-pre-workoutEven the hardcore, everyday gym goers need a little help now and then.  Not only do they get the energy from their pre workout, but they also get increased blood flow to bring more oxygen to muscles, amino acids to help muscles recover quickly between exercises and the extra motivation that comes along with the energy.

Pre workouts can sometimes do for you what you can’t do for yourself. Caffeine is the primary ingredient to get you amped up.   Besides Caffeine, there are many more critical ingredients that come in pre workout supplements that are necessary to complete this all in one energy product.

We will be researching a few of these ingredients required to get the full pre workout effect, of course discussing pre workout for energy. We will talk about how pre workouts energize us, how exercise can keep us energize us and the reason we will stay energized even after the workout!

How Do Pre Workouts Energize?coffee-pre-workout

Just like your morning cup of coffee, pre workout supplements give your energy levels a boost.  I guess it’s your afternoon “wake me up”, unless you workout in the AM of course.  And like coffee, some fitness folks feel like they can’t go to the gym without it.  Not that it’s addictive, but that it’s critical for getting the most out of their workout.

Coffee is a great motivator. But besides the Caffeine, it doesn’t have the other key ingredients to power your muscles though heavy training.  For more information on Caffeine, you can check out my post, Coffee Vs Pre Workout.

Sure pre workouts give you energy, but they also include components to recharge your muscles between movements and give you stamina throughout your workout. The combination of ingredients are well rounded to help with a vigorous, dynamic workout.  Pre workouts energize by giving you a calculated amount of Caffeine, Creatine, Nitric Oxide, Beta Alanine and other essential amino acids that we will discuss next.

Ingredients to Energize

Let’s briefly discuss the Key Active Ingredients in a pre workout supplement, finding out what gives you energy, strength, endurance and motivation to perform.

—Caffeine Molecule—

We mentioned Caffeine, which supplies much the energy in pre workouts.  The quantity can range from 100mg to 400mg per serving, this being several cups of coffee.  There are some pre workouts that have alternate products without using Caffeine.  Some of these are “All Natural” and Organic pre workouts.

This ingredient provides much of your energy and endurance while helping you stay focused and motivated.  Always read the label, if you are Caffeine intolerant stay away from the high dosages, or you will have more energy than you can handle.

Part of the energy in a pre workout comes from is Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow to your muscles which helps with your muscle pump and also endurance.  Nitric Oxide will keep you recharged as your working out.  This is the ingredient that will give you that interesting little head tingle.

Creatine is an amino acid which enhances energy production.  Creatine helps your muscles to produce energy during heavy lifting by producing ATP.  ATP is the most basic form of energy in your bodies cells that powers muscle function.  Creatine also helps with muscle gain and strength enhancement.

—-Amino Acid—-

L-Tyrosine  and LArginine are two very important Amino Acids for energy.  L-Tyrosine can mentally stimulate your brain by increasing dopamine and adrenaline.  This is obviously very important for your motivation and performance.  L-Arginine helps with muscle recovery and getting that pump.  There are many other amino acids also at work here.  Unfortunately, we will have to discuss these at a later time.

How does Exercise Energize Us Afterwards?pre-workout-running

The good news is that studies have shown that if you do at least 20-30 minutes a day of moderate exercise several days a week, that you will naturally have more energy all of the time.  This sounds like a great goal, and think most people want to feel this way.  My personal schedule is an hour a day of heavy exercise 5 days a week, and then some occasional biking or paddle boarding on the weekend.  This seems to keep me energized.

One reason that you have this continued energy from exercise is that it gives you a better quality of sleep.  More and more studies are coming out everyday showing how essential good sleep is to your mind and body.  Getting enough sleep and quality sleep rolls over into how you feel in every part of your life, from mental comprehension to emotional stability to rebuilding muscles faster.

cardio-pre-workoutWhen you exercise, your heart works more efficiently, so you are healthier.  It allows more blood to get to the the brain, organs and muscles.  This in turn, gives you more energy.  Lastly, it releases more endorphins during exercise and post exercise.  Endorphins activate the Opioid receptors in the brain which makes you happier and help you feel more vibrant.

I forgot to mention that people who take care of their bodies through fitness tend to be happier in life, therefore having better livelihood. In regards to that, regular exercise is also associated with lower incidences of depression.  This is great news for many.  Trying to get energized should be a good life goal, since depression brings on tiredness, idleness and make you want to isolate in bed.  I’ve been there, and would rather stay away from that.

Exercise that to Energizes the Most

pre-workout-cyclingBoth Aerobic Exercise (cardiovascular exercise) and Anaerobic exercise (high intensity exercise) with increase your energy levels while you are performing them and throughout your day.  Such as…    Aerobic exercise also know as “Cardio” include walking, running, swimming and cycling.  Cardio also has a dual purpose helping with dropping calories and losing weight.

Anaerobic or high intensity workouts such as weight lifting, sprints, interval training and cross-fit, are another reason to look into pre workout supplements. Pre Workouts are Most Effective when performing these type of exercises.

Sports such as yoga, stretching and hiking are also beneficial for increasing energy levels and reducing anxiety, but to a lesser extent.

The Energetic Conclusionpre-workout-drink

It should be obvious by now that pre workout supplements give you energy.  If you can try pre workouts just to get you out of the house and to the gym, the results will be to boost your energy in all aspects of your live.  So if supplements is a good answer to getting you motivated, DO IT!  You will thank yourself later.

We went over the various ingredients that combined in a pre workout that give you strength and energy.  These ingredients are specially formulated to give you the effects that we went over.  Science and supplements come together to be a superior product.

We learned that the benefits of exercise stick around longer than when you leave the gym.  We discussed so many good reasons for exercise,  including more get up and go as well as motivation in your daily tasks because you have more energy and stamina.  Pre workout energy supplements along with exercise, can improve your life if you stick with a regular program.  Get stronger, workout longer and let that focus drive you to train harder.


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