Pre Workout and Creatine – Do They Go Together?


Getting a good workout or training session is dependent on having the energy and the repetitive strength to power you through. You don’t want muscle fatigue and mental exhaustion halfway through your routine.  This is why the help of a good pre workout supplement is key to accomplishing your training goals.

Pre workout supplements contain Caffeine, Amino Acids and other ingredients that boost your workout performance, but do you need Creatine added to this powerful creation?

Creatine monohydrate, known just as Creatine comes in many of the pre workouts as well as some post workout protein powders.  It is also popular for athletes to take Creatine as a supplement alone after workouts to help with muscle growth and repair.side-effects-pre-workout

The problem with Creatine, is that it does not agree with everyone equally.  There are also cases where the effects of Creatine does not align with everyone’s physical conditioning goals.

I’ve got a fellow fit friend that had mentioned his issues with Creatine to me in the past.  He is the only case that I personally know of,  but it is proven that in many of us our body chemistry can’t seem to tolerate the stuff.

Because of this, I decided to do some research on the effects of Creatine, and whether or not it is right for you.

Pre workout and Creatine don’t always have to go together.  If you are avoiding Creatine in your pre workout or post workout supplements, it can be trick to find a Creatine Free supplement that works for you.  That why I’m also going to introduce you to some of the best Creatine Free pre workout supplements.

What the Heck is Creatine?creatine-pre-workout

Creatine is made up of Amino Acids which occur naturally in your body.  Amino Acids are the important building blocks of protein.  In fact, all pre workout supplements contain both essential Amino Acids as well as BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids).

Your body produces Creatine in much smaller amounts than is contained in the nutritional supplements, so it is produced naturally in your body.  Therefore, Creatine is not a man made synthetic, unnaturally occurring ingredient.

The level your body produces fluctuates regularly depending on certain factors such as your protein intake(how much you eat) and how much you exercise.

Creatine works by helping to supply muscle cells with energy.  The Creatine that your body normally stores is released into your body when you exercise.  It is transported via blood to the places in the body that have a higher energy demand, such as your muscle tissue and your brain.

fda-pre-workoutAlthough Creatine is so widely studied, this supplement is not FDA approved.  This should come as no surprise since pre workouts, post workout protein powders and many in the nutritional supplement category are not FDA approved either.  Supplements, in general are pretty much an unregulated category.

The Pros of Using Creatine

Creatine has become quite the hot product in the last few years when it comes to improving workout performance.  It is one of the most widely researched supplements, and so far one of the safest.  It seems that their are more pros than cons when it comes to taking Creatine, unless your body doesn’t process it correctly.

crossfit-pre-workoutStudies show that it can increase strength, muscle mass and exercise performance.  In addition to this, is can have other health benefits on your body.  Numerous studies show that Creatine can be beneficial to things like fighting depression to helping with Parkinson’s disease.

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Creatine is especially beneficial with high intensity exercise such as weight lifting, because it generates ADP in your body.  ADP is a key energy source for exercising.  Therefore, Creatine does not only increase muscle gains, but also supplies working energy.

If you have any success or horror stores regarding Creatine, please let me know in the comment box at the bottom.

The Cons of Using Creatine

As with any supplement, Creatine can create problems if you take too much.  The major side effects for this can be dehydration, nausea, stomach pain, muscle cramps and diarrhea.  So please take the recommended amount to avoid this possibility.

If your have existing liver or kidney problems, you should stay away from Creatine.  As a precaution, it would also be a good idea to avoid it if you have high blood pressure.  Ofcourse, you should always consult your doctor if you are on the fence. creatine-weight-gain

The biggest reason that some gym goers will stay away from Creatine is the possibility of weight gain.  Creatine increases the water content in your cells and will hold it there causing water retention in your body.

Luckily, the majority of people won’t experience this.  For those of you that do, you can now enjoy Creatine Free pre workout supplements.

When someone is saturated with Creatine, their muscle mass can actually look bigger because of water retention.  Another wards for some, Creatine may not be the best way to “lean up”.

Ingredients to Look for in a Pre Workout when Avoiding Creatine.

When looking for a good pre workout supplement that is Creatine Free, it needs to contain a different set of nutrients and stimulants to help produce the same boost as a regular pre workout.  You will find that many Creatine Free “All Natural” and the “Organic” pre workouts are set up in this manner.

Be sure that the pre workout has plenty of Beta Alanine.  This ingredients will remove the Lactic Acid from your muscle cells during your workout to keep it from building up.  Lactic Acid buildup not only is uncomfortable, but it will accelerate the onset of muscle fatigue.BCAA's

You will need the proper amount of the other essential Amino Acids and BCAA’s to make up for the lack of Creatine.  Amino Acids are necessary for muscle growth, nutrient absorption and mental endurance.

Since Creatine brings energy to your muscles, be sure your are getting your Caffeine when going Creatine Free.  Caffeine is one of the best energy boosters, as well as increasing your fat burning capacity.

if you are not Creatine intolerant and would like some other great pre workout recommendations, Click here for My Post on the Best Pre Workout Supplements.

Recommended Creatine Free Pre Workout Supplements


legion-pulse-pre-workoutLegion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement
The Best Price is at Amazon for $39.97

Reviews:  4.2 out of 5
Value:  Costs a little more than the average.
Pros:  My top pick for its strength, energy and endurance. An “All Natural” supplement.
Cons:  Not the best tasting, most likely because of the natural flavoring.



C4-pre-workoutC4 Ripped Pre Workout
The Best Price is at Amazon for $29.99

Reviews:  4.3 out of 5
Value:  Average.
Pros:  This is from the line of the best selling brands in the world.  Packs a lot of Punch!
Cons:  May be to strong for some.



GX7-pre-workoutALPHA GX7 Pre Workout For Men and Women
The Best Price is at Amazon for $29.99

Reviews:  4.3 out of 5
Value:  Average.
Pros:  Great for strength gains and energy boost.  Sugar Free formula.
Cons:  Taste may be too sweet for some.


Energy endurance pre workout formula - vintage blast Vintage Blast Pre Workout
The Best Price is at Amazon for $39.99

Reviews:  4.4 out of 5
Value:  Costs a little more that average.
Pros:  Two stage formula to propel through the second half of your workout.  An “All Natural” supplement.
Cons:  Not the best tasting, most likely because of the natural flavoring.

The Creatine Free Conclusion

Creatine is an Amino Acid that is commonly taken as a workout supplement, and it is known to increase strength, muscle mass and recovery.

powerlifting-pre-workoutFrom the research that has been done on Creatine, it can be a great muscle builder and energy source.  Whether you are a fit mom or a bad dad.  It’s worth a try unless you can relate to any of the problems listed in the “cons” section of this post.

There can be some potential issues from taking Creatine.  Remember that one important factor for some is the concern of weight gain if you are trying to “lean up”.  Creatine can cause water retention.

Personally, I don’t take Creatine at this point in my training stage, nor to a try to stay away from it.  The pros seem to outweigh the cons unless you happen to be Creatine intolerant, but there is a solution in Creatine Free pre workout supplements.

We mentioned that Creatine is not FDA approved, but neither are most of the pre workout and post workouts on the market.  This being said, Creatine is not banned by the International Olympic Committee, any professional or college leagues or any other athletic organizations.

After reading this, you will need to decide for yourself whether to take Creatine or not to take Creatine.  Since our bodies are all created differently, we will respond differently to each individual supplements.  The choice should most likely be made from an educated decision.  Remeber that most pre workout supplements have a 30 day money back guarantee in case the product doesn’t perform how it should.

If you have any comments about Creatine and it’s effects, I would like to hear about them.  Please leave a comment in the box below.


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