NordicTrack Vault Review – Complete With Equipment And Hidden Storage

Now that there are so many excellent interactive home gyms on the market, it’s becoming more and more difficult to choose the best one for you. Like all home gym machines, this one can be pricey as well. This NordicTrack Vault review describes this unit as well as giving the pros and cons of using it.

So you’re not missing out on anything, I will also give you a brief rundown of the other interactive gym competition along the way. Once you starting enjoying the benefits and convenience of a full home gym setup, you will never want to leave the house for a commercial gym again.

What Is NordicTrack Vault?

The Complete iFit – Connected Home Gym. NordicTrack Vault is a versatile smart fitness mirror made to give users a complete workout experience even while in the comfort of their own homes. It’s designed and made by NordicTrack, one of the most reputable brands in the home gym industry.

  • iFit Live Schedule and On-Demand

In fact, you might have already encountered some of their exercise equipment, such as treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, and bikes. Additionally, all of their equipment is powered by iFit. These are the NordicTrack Vauld classes, a cutting-edge workout program developed by the same company.

  • All In One Mirror Gym

The mirror itself is similar to a regular, contemporary-looking mirror – reflective, polished, and can be attached to any wall in your home. However, when you operate it, you find that it comes with a diverse amount of home workout equipment dumbbells, exercise resistance bands, and kettlebells, among many others.

You can also see yourself move in the mirror while you watch an instructor guide you through your favorite exercise routine using iFit.

NordicTrack Vault review - Nordictrack vault mirror open

The NordicTrack Vault Differences

Of course, the NordicTrack Vault has many competitors in the industry, such as Mirror, Tempo, Tonal, and Forme Life. However, there are a couple of reasons it stands apart from its competitors.

With that said, here are some of the things that make it different from other smart exercise mirrors.

  • Unified Vertical Storage

Many innovative exercises mirror only display or stream workouts. However, the NordicTrack Vault offers more than that; it has integrated storage for all your gym arsenals. This makes it more of a complete home gym setup.

The storage space is hidden behind the screen, allowing it to take up less space in your home. The extra space its integrated storage offers can benefit you, mainly if you have limited space in your home. Check out my review on Small Home Gym Ideas.

Aside from the extra space, this also makes it easy for you to keep your equipment organized, allowing you to quickly get them whenever you need them for your workouts.

  • All-in-One Home Gym Solution

Aside from the integrated storage, you can step it up a notch with the Vault Complete. This means you get a complete set of premium-quality best exercise equipment for the home when you purchase the device.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not being able to engage in specific exercises with this complete home gym equipment set. Because of this, the NordicTrack feels that this is the ideal exercise package for your home.

Additionally, with the Complete Package, you’ll have everything you need to work out at home and get that much-needed exercise and physical activity.

With its convenient vertical storage and complete set of home gym equipment is what really sets this one apart. The NordicTrack Vault is easily one of the best smart home gym mirrors on the market.

NordicTrack Vault Review - Woman using NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault Features

  • Pivoting and Interactive Reflective Mirror

Aside from being a handy and functional piece of exercise equipment, the NordicTrack Vault also serves as an aesthetically pleasing piece of décor when not in use. The 60-inch mirror has a sleek and seamless appearance, allowing it to blend in with any home interior.

This allows it to add a touch of elegance to your space, elevating it to another level. It’s incredibly versatile as well, so you can easily set it up wherever you want – whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, or dedicated gym space.

  • Rotating and Dynamic Touchscreen

It also has a 32-inch rotating touch screen within the mirror’s frame. You can use the integrated touchscreen display to adjust, watch the streamed workout, and control the application.

What makes it even better is that the mirror touchscreen can be rotated 360 degrees. Therefore, you will get the perfect view no matter what workout you do.

  • The Vault

As its name suggests, it indeed has a vault at the back of the screen that contains everything you need. This makes it convenient and hassle-free for you to keep your workout equipment when not in use.

Simply open the mirror and get the equipment you will use from the shelves when you start your workout.

Additionally, it was designed to organize everything inside, making it a cleaner and more effective way to store and organize your exercise equipment. Aside from this, it also protects your equipment against damage and makes workouts more efficient.

  • Quality Structure

The NordicTrack Vault is also made using a sturdy carbon steel frame, making the device high-quality and long-lasting.

Additionally, because of this material, you are guaranteed that it’s a device that you can use at home for many years without worrying about its structural integrity wearing down.

Besides the quality structure, it also comes with an excellent guarantee since the NordicTrack warranty program offers a 10-year frame warranty for this device. This means that the company is confident in its device’s quality, giving you peace of mind regarding its durability.

  • Bluetooth and Speakers

Additionally, the smart mirror has dual 3-inch digitally amplified speakers, so you can enjoy high-quality sounds during your exercise programs.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to connect your wireless earbuds or headphones if you do not want to play your workout music loudly.

  • Made for Wall Mounting

Here’s another option if you’re worried that the mirror will tip over since it is a big piece of equipment. Because of this, the NordicTrack Vault was designed to be safely and securely attached to any wall, so you can rest assured that it will always stay in place.

NordicTrack Vault review - Woman doing yoga with NordicTrack Vault
  • iFit Workouts

While it’s good that it comes with top-notch exercise equipment, but it’s all a waste if there’s no program to help you maximize their use.

Therefore, it’s good that when you purchase this smart mirror, you get a free iFit subscription for a year. This subscription offers many live and on-demand exercise sessions that you can easily stream on the screen.

It’s also easy enough to navigate, so you won’t have a tough time finding the right exercise for your needs.

Some of the exercises available on iFit are:

  • Strength training
  • Interval and HIIT training
  • Sculpting and Toning
  • Cardio
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Recovery

Of course, there are many more workouts available that can keep you motivated, entertained, and inspired to work on your fitness goals.

Additionally, suppose you already have other exercise equipment such as a bike, rower, or treadmill. In that case, you can also use iFit to watch the workouts made for this equipment.

iFit is a versatile and all-inclusive fitness application that gives endless workout ideas which reputable fitness experts teach. With iFit, you can find a fitness program ideal for fitness style, goal, and level needs.

Nordictrack Vault review - man using dumbbell with Nordictrack vault

NordicTrack Vault Pros

  • High-Quality Build

The NordicTrack Vault is a worthwhile investment because of its high-quality construction meant to last long, even with daily use. In addition, it uses a carbon-steel frame that blends seamlessly with its sleek appearance.

Therefore, it’s not only an aesthetically pleasing piece of décor, but it’s also a high-quality and durable piece of exercise equipment.

  • Ease of Use

Easy-to-use equipment is crucial for effective workouts, which is why NordicTrack Vault’s integrated touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity make it an excellent piece of exercise equipment.

These allow you to easily complete your exercise goals because you can customize the settings and select your preferred workouts, allowing you to choose the best training for your needs. This also allows for an excellent workout experience, even for first-time users.

  • Extensive Selection of Workouts

The iFit program was designed to provide a complete workout set, regardless of your fitness goals or level. In fact, you can find the right program for you, whether it’s with a kettlebell, strength-training exercises, or even yoga.

In addition, you will also find the exercises and workout sessions motivating and enjoyable to do. Therefore, they are perfect for both exercise buffs and beginners.

  • Integrated iFit Membership

One of the best features of the NordicTrack Vault is its included iFit subscription program. When you begin using it, you will find yourself making it a staple in your workout sessions because of its features and quality.

As mentioned, it comes with endless workouts and motivating trainers in live and on-demand workout sessions. It is also optimized for the device, but you can also connect your other equipment, such as rowers and treadmills.

NordicTrack Vault Cons

  • More Expensive Than Typical Exercise Machines

One of its primary downsides is its price. In fact, many people find the price of this smart exercise mirror a disadvantage. However, you must keep in mind that it offers numerous features you can enjoy and maximize, making it a worthwhile investment.

If you break it down considering gym membership, fitness classes and convenience, you may find it more comparable.

  • Insufficient Placement Choices

Since it is made to be mounted on the wall, you might find your installation options limited. You can also encounter restrictions if you want to move it around.

Additionally, because of its large size, people with limited spaces may find it challenging to find an ideal location for it.

How Much Is NordicTrack Vault

*NordicTrack Vault Packages Available

As far at the NordicTrack price, there are two packages available for the NordicTrack Vault, and they are as follows:

NordicTrack Vault Review - NordicTrack Vault accessories

#1. Complete Vault Package

At $2,999.00 this package comes with:

  • NordicTrack Vault Device
  • 5 to 30 lbs dumbbells
  • Two yoga blocks
  • 20 and 30 lbs kettlebells
  • Hanging shelves
  • Premium shelves
  • Cleaning towel
  • Exercise mat
  • Three resistance bands
  • One-year iFit Family subscription

#2. Standalone Vault Package

Meanwhile, the standalone package is available at $1999.00 and comes with the following:

  • NordicTrack Vault Device
  • Hanging shelves
  • Cleaning towel
  • One-year iFit Family subscription

NordicTrack Vault Reviews

At this time, the NordicTrack Vault is too new to have tons of reviews, but so far they are looking good. There have been top NordicTrack Vault reviews from top companies such as Forbes, WIRED, and Cnet. Below is one of the many NordicTrack Vault customer reviews that I’ve found.

NordicTrack Vault reviews

Interactive Home Gym Competion

Now that interactive home gyms have become more commonplace as a total home gym, many companies are getting into the action. Most of them are pretty neat and well thought out. I’m going to introduce my favorite one because I feel that it brings training and workouts to a new level.

Tempo Studio Home Gym

Best Workout Machines for the Home - Tempo Studio black

The Tempo Studio Home Gym is my favorite piece of interactive fitness equipment that has been developed to this point.  For NordicTrack Vault Vs Tempo, this seems to have the most effective interactive personal training at home along with the most options for the money.

After numerous interactive gym reviews on Tempo vs Tonal and Tempo vs Mirror, this would be my personal choice for exercise classes, fat burning, and strength building.

Starting with the optional delivery and set up, the “tempo crew” comes to your house to help get you started.  After this, Tempo Fit will give you an initial physical assessment to get to know your body and fitness level better.

At this point, using the large HD touchscreen, you can start selecting your exercise program from every type of fitness category.

Tempo Fit offers at least 7 live interactive classes per day (at the time of this writing, will offer more in the future).  Or choose from hundreds of on-demand classes.

The screen will keep track of the number of reps, pace, time, amount of weight being used, ranking, calories burned, and your heartbeat.

A bonus to the Tempo Interactive Home  Gym is that it comes with all of your weights, bars, and other workout equipment.  All of this hangs neatly in the back of the cabinet.

Echelon Reflect 50″ Touchscreen

Best Interactive Home Gym - Lady boxing in Echelon Reflect Touch

You may know Echelon from their popular series of Echelon “smart connect” bikes.  This is another “mirror” type of interactive home fitness system that touts the best innovative technology.

The Echelon exercise mirror works the same as some of the other interactive home gyms in its class.  At first glance, it looks like a regular, contemporary wall mirror, but it has a 50″ HD touchscreen monitor, computer processor, and camera behind it.

This “interactive workout mirror” mounts to the wall or can be used with its stand.  A great benefit for classes is that there are up to 10 per day live classes per day offered.

Echelon workout system is not completely interactive in that you won’t get one-on-one “interaction” with the fitness coach, but the trainer will call out to you for individual motivation and tips.

Besides the live classes, there are also many class options from live workout classes to a library of on-demand.

The touch screen makes it easy to scroll through to the particular workout category, level, and class desired.  You can also use their phone app to search and schedule classes if you are away from your Echelon Reflect mirror.

The complete system includes the 50″ touchscreen monitor/mirror, Bluetooth, WiFi, computer processer, speakers, front-facing camera.

The embedded camera is included for their personal training program, though Echelon has not yet been set up for this option.

The MIRROR Home Gym System

Mirror home gym

This exciting wall mount home gym seems to be the most heavily advertised one, although it is not a fully interactive fitness gym.  However, it is a good looking, low profile mirror with a 40″ HD TV behind it.  The mirror can be mounted to the wall or comes with a stand.

One of the highlights of the “mirror” gym is that you can see your moves during both live and “on-demand” classes.  There are no weights, so the “mirror” uses all bodyweight exercises.

This concept of using your reflection for a mirror gym workout with a built-in monitor may take a little while to coordinate and get used to.

Classes can be selected based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile.  The Bluetooth heart monitor provided or Apple Watch can sync with Mirror.

With its webcam and microphone, the Mirror does have the capability of live, one-on-one classes for an additional charge.

Mirror home gym includes a 40″ HD display, speakers, microphone, computer processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, heart rate monitor, mirror care kit, fitness bands. If we’re talking NordicTrack Vault Vs Mirror, Mirror is an excellent value, but NordicTrack comes with the best exercise equipment for the home gym.

NordicTrack Vault Review Wrap Up

The main takeaway of this NordicTrack Vault review is the equipment and storage system that sets itself apart from the rest of the “mirror gym” competition.

This isn’t the first of its concept but one of the newest. It comes with all the latest technology and top-of-the-line advances. This includes an easy to use touchscreen, Bluetooth technology, premium sound, and fast processors.

With the NordicTrack Vault, you can work out with NordicTrack iFit, the proven NordicTrack way to get thousands of live and on-demand workouts in your home.

Once you get used to watching the reflection of both yourself and your trainer at the same time, you will be able to master any exercise program.

If you have any questions or comments on this NordicTrack Vault review, feel free to write below and I will respond.

NordicTrack Vault




User friendly


Equipment Package





  • Upgraded package includes equipment
  • High quality trainers
  • Attractive unit


  • Quite expensive
  • Monthly subscription fees

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