Mirror VS NordicTrack Vault – Another Battle of the Interactive Home Gyms

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The battle of the interactive home gyms is on. So we are going to talk about two of the most popular ones in this Mirror Vs NordicTrack Vault review.

In fact, nowadays, there are many emerging brands for fitness mirrors. However, two of the most popular ones are the Mirror Gym and NordicTrack Vault.

in this article, you’ll see just how similar or different they are from each other – from their design to the extra features each one has to offer.

Home Gym Fitness Mirror Introduction

These days, people are becoming more reluctant to leave their homes, and work-from-home careers are becoming more prevalent.

As a result, the fitness industry has found more convenient ways to help its members stay fit and continue their training, even in the comfort of their homes. One of the coolest new ways to get the best home workouts is the innovation of the “fitness mirror, interactive mirror, or “smart mirror”.

Mirror fitness systems are smart mirrors that allow users to have a virtual one-on-one session live with an instructor, track their progress, and adjust the whole workout experience to their preference. They will also give the user options to use thousands of “on-demand” classes.

Mirror Gym Vs NordicTrack Vault Review

1. Convenience, Space, and User-Friendliness

Besides the newest technology, these are some of the most sought after characteristics in a smart mirror gym.

Mirror home gym

The Mirror Gym

The Mirror Gym is stylish, minimalistic, and doesn’t take up too much space. In fact, at first glance, it looks just like a regular mirror.

However, it is equipped with a built-in microphone and camera that can streamline your workout sessions. These allow you to choose and watch your preferred workout live streams, as well as record your session as it happens.

These also enable you to adjust your virtual coach’s volume and even choose your preferred background music from your own playlists. As a result, the Mirror Gym is a piece of interactive and enjoyable workout equipment that makes at-home exercises more convenient and fun.

Delivery service is also available for your convenience at an additional cost. They can also help install your fitness mirror wherever you want it in your home.

In addition, every week, you can pick from over 70 available classes, saving you from having to reserve a spot at least a week prior. Moreover, you don’t have to pay fees should you decide to cancel your session.

How it Works

The Mirror is also simple to use and overall user-friendly. After the installation, all you have to do to connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, download the Mirror app, and follow the given instructions on the app.

After this, you’re good to go, and it will take you only around 10 minutes at most. While it doesn’t specify a specific Wi-Fi speed, you’ll need at least 10Mbps if you want to have an optimal experience.

Should you experience connection issues, it’s easy enough to resolve; you just have to restart the Mirror and its mobile app.

For more details on “Mirror”, check out my Mirror Home Gym Review.

NordicTrack Vault Review

NordicTrack Vault

Like the Mirror, the NordicTrack Vault also looks like your average full-length mirror. In fact, it can also be attached wherever you want without occupying too much space.

However, what’s notable about this fitness mirror the various equipment and workout gears, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bands, etc., that come with it. All of your workout equipment and gear can easily be stored in the Unified Vertical Storage that’s located behind the mirror itself.

This makes it more convenient for users with limited space because they don’t have to worry about the equipment taking up space in their homes.

Like most interactive mirror gyms, NordicTrack also has live fitness classes with the certified fitness instructor guiding you. This is a newer mirror gym to the scene, so the Vault doesn’t have quite as large of an on-demand library as some. But it is growing every day.

Aside from these, it also has a rotating touch screen and easy-to-use equipment that can make your workout routines more effective. Its settings are also customizable, and navigation is easy and smooth, allowing you to choose your chosen workouts seamlessly.

If you would like to see more details, check out our NordicTrack Vault Review.

*List of Pros and Cons for Each

The Mirror Pros

Equipped with thousands of live classes

Minimalistic design

Exercises available for all levels

Space Efficient

Convenient and user-friendly

Better Value

NordicTrack Pros

A wide array of workouts to choose from

User-friendly and Convenient

Comes with a one-year iFit subscription

Can be purchased with or without exercise equipment

2. Key Features and Inclusions

FYI, neither home gym mirrors include a heart rate monitor, but they are available for an additional cost and will connect to your unit via Bluetooth.

Mirror home gym review - Mirror Gym Yoga

The Mirror

These are the key features of the Mirror:

  • Bluetooth LED Screen

Users may watch and follow workout live stream sessions held by professional coaches and trainers with the Bluetooth LED Screen. After picking a session, you will see yourself beside your trainer, making it easier to follow through with the program.

  • Screen Personalization

The Mirror also allows you to customize your experience however you want. For instance, you can adjust the volume of your trainer’s voice, the background music, and arrange the content of your screen.

You can also have it show your details throughout your workout session, such as your heart rate, timer, and calories burned. In addition, you may connect it to a separate mobile app where you could book your classes, track progress, and record your sessions.

  • Real-Time Fitness Class Experience

With the Mirror, you’re also given the option to view the names and locations of other participants of the session, but you will not be seen. This feature can give you the motivation to keep going and lets you experience a real fitness class while remaining private at the same time.

Unfortunately, the whole package only includes the mirror. However, you may opt to purchase its heart rate monitor for $50. Despite the limited number of add-ons, there is actually little to no need for it, as most workout sessions and programs can be done without any exercise equipment.

Nordictrack Vault review - man using dumbbell with Nordictrack vault

NordicTrack Vault

On the other hand, unlike the Mirror, the NordicTrack Vault offers a complete home gym package that includes all the necessary exercise equipment you can use, except for the heart rate monitor.

This way, you do not have to worry about purchasing your equipment elsewhere, making it the ultimate home gym solution.

Aside from that, here are its other key features:

  • Vault

The product has convenient built-in storage behind the screen where you can place your equipment. As a result, this keeps your space clean and organized and is perfect for users with limited space.

  • High-Quality Structure

The entire frame is made out of carbon steel that keeps it long-lasting and sturdy. In addition, it also comes with a 10-year frame warranty which proves that its manufacturers are confident in its durability.

  • iFit Membership

For most users, the best feature of the NordicTrack Vault is the free one-year iFit Family subscription. This subscription allows you to browse through different workouts designed for various levels and different exercise equipment.

3. Types of Classes Available

The Mirror

One of the best features of this product is its vast array of workout classes to choose from.  With the number of classes you can take on the Mirror, it’s not surprising that it’s on par with the famous and reputable gyms in the country. Classes include every type of workout you can think of.

Compared to NordicTrack Vault, the Mirror has the advantage, especially with its available exercise programs. So many cardio, muscle building (if you add equipment), fat burning, and even boxing classes to choose from. Aside from your regular guided workout programs, you may take other types of classes, such as Latin dance and Tai Chi.

You can also choose the most suitable level for you – from beginner to expert. This will help you find the workout that matches your experience.

The duration of each workout is typically somewhere between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on your preference. In addition, you will also be given a breakdown of the workouts you’re about to do, including the number of sets and reps before starting.

NordicTrack Vault

Aside from the high-quality exercise equipment, various workout programs are also available on iFit. You may view these live streams and sessions on the screen.

Some of the workouts available are strength and cardio training, HIIT training, minor CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, recovery, and fat burn.

4. Training with a Coach

The Mirror

Trainers available on the Mirror are undoubtedly highly skilled in their craft to assure you that you’re being guided by the best in the industry.

In fact, all of them are equipped with outstanding credentials and are sure to keep you motivated, inspired, and sweating. For example, one of the available instructors is the great barre instructor Pilin Anice, a professional yoga instructor, and former Broadway performer.

NordicTrack Vault

With the NordicTrack Vault, you may train with a veteran coach with the iFit Family subscription that offers various live exercise sessions.

In addition, numerous fitness experts are also available. They’re ready to give you multiple workout tips and ideas that will help you tailor your ideal fitness plan to meet your fitness goals.

5. Display and Technology

MIrror gym on the wall

The Mirror

As mentioned, the mirror has a built-in microphone and camera that allows you to record and watch videos on your polished mirror screen. It includes a fitness app to control your preferences, speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity.

There is also Mirror real-time optimization. Mirror Gym technology uses an advanced camera to give you in-workout adjustments based on your preferences and personal profile.

The Mirror operates separately from the app, but you may sync the information together. This fitness mirror also notes down your progress, goal, heart rate, and other information you might need.

NordicTrack Vault review - Nordictrack vault mirror open

NordicTrack Vault

On the other hand, the NordicTrack Vault has an advantage over the Mirror due to its 32-inch rotating touch screen. This feature allows you to control the app, adjust the display according to your preference, and rotate it up to 360 degrees.

In addition, it also has Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers that you can enjoy. So, if you want booming music to fill in the whole room while you work out, the speakers are your best friend. Otherwise, you can also connect your wireless earbuds to the device so that you can listen to your favorite music on them.

6. Interactive Gym Membership and Costs

Keep in mind that all interactive home gym systems do require a monthly subscription to be able to use their services.


Price is the largest benefit in favor of the Mirror. It is a $1,495 investment. However, additional fees will apply for the individual personal training feature.

  • Mirror membership subscription – $39 with commitment
  • delivery and installation – $250 (look for a promo code to waive this fee)

The subscription comes with memberships for up to 6 people, and comes with a 30-day risk free trial.

NordicTrack Vault

On the other hand, the NordicTrack Vault offers two package deals to choose from. One does not come with any fitness equipment. Of course, you can provide your own, probably for less of an investment. Here are the prices below:

  • Complete Vault Package ($2,999)
    • Device
    • Dumbbells, yoga blocks, kettlebells, yoga mat, and resistance bands
    • Cleaning towel and shelves
    • One-year iFit Family subscription
  • Standalone Vault Package ($1999)
    • Device
    • Shelves and towel
    • One-year iFit Family subscription
  • Monthly subscription – $39 with commitment
  • Delivery and installation $199

The Interactive Home Gym Competition

Besides the NordicTrack Vault Vs Mirror Gym review, this comparison wouldn’t be complete without showing what else is out there to choose from.

Mirror Vs Tempo Studio

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Tempo fit full picture

Although the Tempo Studio costs more money, this is one of the only truly interactive home gyms. For the price of the subscription, the live certified trainer can give you feedback on your form.

Here are just a few Tempo positives and negatives to give you an idea of what it has to offer.

Tempo Fit Positives

  • Real coaching and live feedback – a truly interactive system
  • Includes all weights and accessories – 115lbs of plates
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • 7 or more live video feed classes per day
  • Comes in black or white furniture piece
  • Keeps track of vitals and goals
  • 3 year warranty with excellent customer service

Potential Negatives

  • Takes up more space than wall hanging mirror systems

Mirror Vs Echelon

Best Interactive Home Gym - Lady boxing in Echelon Reflect Touch

We should probably discuss Mirror’s biggest competitor. The Echelon Reflect is another “mirror” home gym that is comparable in almost every way including price. The Mirror Gym is much more heavily advertised, but the Echelon fitness mirror has one up on it with its interactive touchscreen.

Here are a few of the Echecon Reflect pros and cons.

Echelon Benefits

  • Touchscreen navigation makes it user friendly
  • Disguised as a contemporary looking wall mirror
  • Up to 10 live classes per day and a library of  “on-demand” videos
  • Tracks your goals, workouts, and vitals
  • Live trainer will give you general tips and motivation
  • Echelon has a long track record of quality good interactive workout machines

Possible Negatives

  • Echelon Reflect 40″ does not come with touch screen

Mirror Vs NordicTrack Vault – Wrap Up

For now, we are going to choose the Mirror Gym over the NordicTrack Vault in this review. The Vault has many cool features, but there is a large price difference that may really matter to some. Mirror also comes with many more classes and workout categories and includes more fitness trainers.

Either interactive home gym can be used in conjunction with any of your home gym equipment that you already have or will purchase. Any “mirror” type gym does require a monthly subscription, so keep this in mind when making your budget.

The unit and subscription may seem costly, but compared to premier gym membership, this is still an excellent bargain.

For more live classes and technology on Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo, check out my Best Interactive Home Gym Review.

If you have any further questions or any comments on this NordicTrack vs Mirror review, please leave a message below.

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