Mirror Home Gym Review – Complete Home Gym In A Stylish Mirror

This Mirror Home Gym review goes in-depth with a state-of-the-art, interactive home gym that blends into your home. Most will think it’s simply a good-looking, modern mirror but is actually an interactive gym mirror in disguise.

It provides you quality workout sessions in your home by streaming different workout classes by professional trainers. If you are curious, continue reading to know more about this fitness technology and decide if you want to invest in one.

Mirror is the first of its kind but its technology and looks keep up with other interactive gyms in its class. However, we will briefly discuss a couple of the other newest and hottest interactive home gym designs that are now available.

This is not a hands on Mirror gym review as “Mirror” has not provided a demo to us yet.

What is Mirror Gym?

When you first look at the Mirror, it simply looks like its name, a full-length mirror, but it goes beyond that. The minimalist and polished window has complex machinery behind it such as a front camera and a built-in microphone.

This piece of workout “machinery” lets you watch video streams of live and on-demand workouts by professional trainers through the Bluetooth LCD screen.

You might be thinking that there is nothing special to the Mirror because of the availability of many online workout classes and fitness videos that are accessible through smartphones or tablets. Nonetheless, what makes the Mirror stand out is that it gives users a different kind of interaction experience.

Mirror home gym

How Mirror Works

After you pick a class from the companion app, a live trainer will work with you together with your reflection on the screen. This makes it easy to copy the moves and get some motivation from the trainer. Imagine getting the front spot of the best home gym workout class without feeling the pressure from other gym-goers.

You can also personalize your screen so that you can see your performance details based on your profile or a fitness tracker such as a smartwatch. You can see some of the information, including your heart rate, the time left to complete every set, and the calories you have burned.

What makes the Mirror more amazing is that you can view the other participants’ names and locations in the session. You do not need to worry because others cannot see you, yet helps you somewhat experience that you are in a real fitness class.

The app can be downloaded on IOS or Android devices that operate separately from the Mirror. The app allows you to choose and book classes. You can also see your progress, record the classes you have joined and finished, see the calories you have burned, and how long before you reach your goal for the week.

In addition, you can adjust the volume of the trainer’s voice. Pick your preferred background music from the pre-loaded music in the Mirror or from your own Apple or Spotify playlist. You can’t get these types of controls from a regular fitness class.

How to Setup the Mirror

When you order the Mirror, you can opt for the white glove delivery service at the cost of $250. There are occasional free mirror setup offers from time to time. This way you will be ensured that the setup and installation will be smooth. This can be a big help since the Mirror can be heavy.

After you pick the date and time for your delivery, you can decide where you want to place it. Your living room may be a good choice. You can opt to mount your Mirror device on the wall or let it stand on the ground and lean up against the wall by attaching durable carbon steel at the bottom depending on what you want. If you are renting a house, you can choose the stand.

After putting the Mirror in place, you can easily connect it with your Wifi and use the app to pair. You begin by downloading the Mirror app and follow the instructions on the app and the Mirror. Reviews show that it’s a simple process, and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Even though there is no specific Wifi speed required to use the Mirror, it’s best to have at least 10 Mbps Internet speed to enjoy the device’s optimum performance. If you have issues with the connection, you can deal with it easily by turning off the app and restarting your Mirror Gym.

Mirror home gym review - Mirror Gym Yoga

What are the Workout Classes Like on the Mirror?

One of the best things about the Mirror is the number and variety of workout classes to choose from. With thousands of classes available, it competes with even the country’s biggest and well-known gyms and studios.

You can see in the app the various workout sessions such as ballet and Latin dances, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, barre, boxing, kickboxing, cardio, and strength training, among many others. You can even choose sessions for your whole family, guided meditations, and pre and post-childbirth sessions.

Aside from the array of activities and classes to choose from, you can pick out more than 70 available Mirror live classes every week. They are conducted from 4 in the morning until 11:30 in the evening.

It is similar to having a ClassPass without the need to reserve a slot 1 week in advance. And of course, if you decide to rest for the day you reserved, there are no cancellation fees.

Mirror Gym Class Levels

You can choose different levels ranging from beginner to expert for the classes offered on Mirror. Therefore, you can pick the ideal classes depending on your fitness needs and workout goals.

For instance, if you are a beginner at working out or you have not worked out for quite a long time, you can pick from the many beginner-level classes. You may find these challenging but not overpowering or intimidating, which is something felt when you attend classes at an actual gym.

How Long are the Mirror Fitness Classes?

The duration of the class is one of the best advantages of the Mirror. That is because you have control. Aside from picking the class, level, and trainer, you can also choose the duration of your class.

You can opt for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. You can also check the thorough breakdown of the exercises that you will be doing and how long it will take. This means that you will have a better idea of what workouts you are getting into before attending.

Mirror monitor

Mirror Gym Certified Instructors

There is a trained Mirror fitness instructor for every workout session. The Mirror’s fitness trainers are some of the greatest in the industry. Looking at some of the trainers’ credentials, you will be impressed.

For instance, Pilin Anice, a barre instructor at the Mirror, is a trained yoga instructor for Kripalu. Anice was a former performer on Broadway and has appeared on The Today Show, BET, and Good Morning America, among many others.

It doesn’t matter what session you attend because all of the instructors at the Mirror are professional and highly trained in their course. You will feel comfortable because they are also knowledgeable, and they are guaranteed to keep you sweating and inspired throughout your session.

How Much Does Mirror Cost?

With all of these benefits and technology included, we feel that the Mirror Home Gym is a good investment. Its starting price is $1,495. There is an optional delivery and installation fee of $250 and the mandatory $39 per month for the Mirror Gym subscription to the app and with a one-year commitment.

Monthly subscription fees are required with any type of interactive home gym including any interactive bikes, rowers, etc. Assume your total being about $2,000.

After your purchase, all you will ever need to pay is your subscription fees to get as many classes as you want. This is good compared to the membership at premier gyms.

MIrror gym on the wall

Does the Mirror Home Gym Require Any Exercise Equipment?

Even though you can perform most of the bodyweight exercises at the Mirror without additional equipment,

it would be a good idea for some advanced classes. A few of these items could include extra weights, jump ropes, resistance bands, chairs, and kettlebells. Please keep in mind these are not part of the package and are not required. However, you have to purchase these separately if they would help to challenge your workouts.

We recommend purchasing a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to link to your Mirror Gym. You can opt for the heart rate monitor from Mirror for $50 or use your own. Remember that Mirror may not be compatible with some Bluetooth gadgets such as Jawbone, Garmin Watches, and Fitbit.

Another recommendation would be a yoga mat, regardless if you participate in pilates or yoga sessions or not. Many exercises on the Mirror involve kneeling or laying on the ground, and a yoga mat will be helpful so that you will not bruise or hurt your knees.

For our recommended best exercise equipment for the home that you can use in conjunction with Mirror gym, Click Here.

Mirror Gym Pros and Cons

We think that the Mirror Gym is mostly pros if these are the type of workouts that you are looking for. Of course price could be an issue, but that goes with any kind of streaming home gym equipment like this.

It does compare well to other interactive home gyms of its type. There was only one thing that we wish it had, and that is a touchscreen. The Mirror Home Gym interface must be controlled by phone app, tablet, or computer. There are other home gyms with live classes that do come with a standard touch screen.


Tons of live and on-demand classes

Elegant and simple design

Exercises for all fitness levels

Workout anywhere even small spaces

User friendly and easy to use

Opt for one-on-one training sessions

Includes profiles for up to 6 family members


Interactive gyms require monthly subscriptions

Not touchscreen

Can be glitches because of Wifi

Mirror Home Gym Reviews

The Mirror Gym seems to be enjoyed highly by its owners. TheirThe Mirror Gym customers give it a 4.9 out of 5 stars in over 500 Mirror reviews.

Mirror Home Gym Reviews

Interactive Home Gym Competition

Here are some other interactive gyms that we have reviewed in order of our favorites.

The Best Interactive Home Gym - Tempo fit full picture

Tempo Studio Home Gym

This one is our favorite piece of interactive fitness equipment because it has the best interactve technology. Tempo Fit is excellent for both weightligting and cardio.

Classes are for strength building, fat burn, and even yoga. The trainer can actually help you correct your form with its computer processor. You can read more about this on our Tempo Studio Review.

 It seems to have the most effective interactive personal training at home along with the most options for the money.

Tempo Fit offers at least 7 live interactive classes per day (at the time of this writing, will offer more in the future).  Or choose from hundreds of on-demand classes.

The screen will keep track of the number of reps, pace, time, amount of weight being used, ranking, calories burned, and your heartbeat.

A bonus to the Tempo Interactive Home  Gym is that it comes with all of your weights, bars, and other workout equipment.  All of this hangs neatly in the back of the cabinet.

Tempo includes a large HD display, camera, sensors, computer processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, weights, bars, heart rate monitor, recovery roller, workout mat.

Tempo Fit Positives

  • Real coaching and live feedback – a truly interactive system
  • Includes all weights and accessories – 115lbs of plates
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • 7 or more live video feed classes per day
  • Comes in black or white furniture piece
  • Keeps track of vitals and goals
  • 3 year warranty with excellent customer service

Potential Negatives

  • Takes up more space than wall hanging mirror systems
Best Interactive Home Gym - Lady boxing in Echelon Reflect Touch

Echelon Reflect 50″ Touchscreen

You may know Echelon from their popular series of Echelon “smart connect” bikes.  This is another “mirror” type of interactive home fitness system that touts the best innovative technology.

The Echelon exercise mirror works the same as some of the other interactive home gyms in its class.  At first glance, it looks like a regular, contemporary wall mirror, but it has a 50″ HD touchscreen monitor, computer processor, and camera behind it.

This “interactive workout mirror” mounts to the wall or can be used with its stand.  A great benefit for classes is that there are up to 10 per day live classes per day offered.

Echelon workout system is not completely interactive in that you won’t get one-on-one “interaction” with the fitness coach, but the trainer will call out to you for individual motivation and tips.

Besides the live classes, there are also many class options from live workout classes to a library of on-demand.

The touch screen makes it easy to scroll through to the particular workout category, level, and class desired.  You can also use their phone app to search and schedule classes if you are away from your Echelon Reflect mirror.

The complete system includes the 50″ touchscreen monitor/mirror, Bluetooth, WiFi, computer processer, speakers, front-facing camera.

The embedded camera is included for their personal training program, though Echelon has not yet been set up for this option.

Echelon Benefits

  • Touchscreen navigation makes it user friendly
  • Disguised as a contemporary looking wall mirror
  • Up to 10 live classes per day and a library of  “on-demand” videos
  • Tracks your goals, workouts, and vitals
  • Live trainer will give you general tips and motivation
  • Echelon has a long track record of quality good interactive workout machines

Possible Negatives

  • Echelon Reflect 40″ does not come with touch screen

Mirror Home Gym Review Wrap Up

The Mirror Gym is an ideal interactive fitness device for your home because of many reasons. There are thousands of on-demand as well as live fitness classes with more than 50 workout categories available.

This is the best home gym equipment to keep you motivated. It provides incredible live trainers and the number of fitness options will keep the user working out on a regular basis.

In addition, the Mirror Fitness Gym Gym is probably the sleekest and nicest looking piece of home gym furniture we’ve seen. Although these types of interactive gyms seem more expensive, for many, but the mirror fitness cost is a great alternative to in-person gym classes and monthly memberships.

If you have any questions or comments on this Mirror Fitness Gym review, please leave a message below and we will respond.

Mirror Home Gym


Number of classes


Variety of classes







  • Many live classes offered
  • Nice and simple design
  • Less expensive than other interactive gyms
  • Up to 6 family members included


  • Monlthy subscription fee
  • Not touchscreen

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