Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review – Top Rated All Natural Supplement

Product:   Legion Pulse Caffeine Free “All Natural” Pre Workoutlegion-pulse-pre-workout

Price Range:    $$$
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Container size:  21 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.2 out of 5
Legion Athletics, Inc legionathletics.com
Pros:     Nitric Oxide booster.  Contains plenty of Beta Alanine and Citrulline that provides more strength and better pumps. It is an “All Natural” pre workout.  
Cons:    The price is a little high because  “All Natural” ingredients cost more to manufacture.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout – Product Overview

If you are needing more energy and want to be super charged during your workouts, this pre workout supplement could be your solution.  It sometimes seems like other people at the gym are jacked, full of energy and incredibly motivated.  What are they taking?

Well I’m on a quest to find out what the best pre workouts are, with hands on reviews.  One by one until I’ve tried them all.  I’ve recently posting reviews on Organic Pre Workouts, so the All Natural pre workout would be my next progression.

The main reason for posting a review on Legion Pulse is that it is one of the few “All Natural Pre Workouts” available.  This is more of a specialized niche because, to make a good natural workout it requires avoiding any artificial ingredients.  There are not many pre workout manufactures that can do this, and still come out with a satisfactory product.

I’m doing a complete product review to see if Legion Pulse Pre Workout is what it says it is, and if it is right for you.  To get a better idea on this, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of this product, to get to know more about this pre workout.  We will discuss the ingredients that set this pre workout apart, including Legion Pulse’s Nitric Oxide Booster.

Legion Pulse cost a little more to produce because of the quality ingredients, so to make sure it is worth the cost of All Natural ingredients .

Legion Pulse Pre Workout has gotten excellent reviews in more that one category, so I’m very interested to see if the reviews are true and just how much this supplement will amplify my workout.

Legion Pulse Review

Pre workouts can be used for any sport from Cross-fit to cycling, but today I decided to hit the gym for my “dreaded” leg day to put Legion Pulse to the ultimate test.  For this review I purchased Blue Raspberry flavor.   Incredibly, they make 12 other jAll Natural flavors, include 2 Caffeine Free choices.

I proceeded to mix a little bit more than a serving(since I’m a little heavier than average) in my shaker with about 10oz of water.  The flavor was not overwhelming, and the natural sugars were not overly sweet.

Within 25 to 30 minutes the Caffeine part of the powder started kicking in.  Pre workout Timing is Important.  I always take it about twenty minutes before I get to my gym, so I’m starting to feel the effects by the time I begin exercising.  Halfway through my warm up, the energy started kicking in.  I could feel a little head tingling, which tells me the Beta Alanine from the pre workout is working.

weight-liftiing-pre-workoutThe instant energy motivated me to get a stronger start than I would have without it.  It gave me additional strength that encouraged me to push through the workout.

Legion Pulse appeared to be working pretty well.  During my heavy squats, it enabled me to recovery quicker between sets so I could get more exercises into my workout routine.

The Amino Acids present, were giving my muscles that “pumped up” feeling like it should.   This is that Nitric Oxide Boost that Legion Pulse brags on.  I generally begin winding down at about the 45 minute point, but I was still energized to keep going.

It seemed that had just enough (or maybe a little more) energy than I needed for this workout.  My pre workout had me going harder, longer and even made my workout seem easier.  I didn’t have any negative side effects, such as nausea or jitters.  This can happen when taking to much or using a new product.

Please let me know if you have a product that performs as good or better in the comment box at the bottom.

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Legion Pulse Pros and Cons


Pre workout supplements can improve every aspect of you workout routine.  But does Legion Pulse perform better, and is it a healthier option that most?natural-pre-workout

One of the “pros” on the healthy side of things, is that it is an “All Natural” product that performs like a traditional pre workout, but it does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or sugars.

For those of you that don’t want these “unnatural” ingredients in your body, Legion Pulse claims to be made from the finest ingredients and is 100% pure.

I feel that that the higher Caffeine content is an advantage over other pre workouts since this is one of the primary ingredients that supply the initial energy.  Just be careful when taking too much Caffeine, or your body can start developing a  tolerance to its effects.  Another “pro” is the Nitric Oxide booster, which is what propels oxygen and nutrients to your muscles quicker.

If you have any particular “pros” that you think are important in a pre workout, please mention it in the comment box at the bottom of this post.


The strongest “cons” is the price.  You will pay a little extra for an All Natural product.  Unfortunately, quality and natural ingredients are at more of a premium.  For around $40.00 you get approximately 20 servings.  This ends up being about only $2.00 per serving if you look at it this way.

You can find others on the market with more bang for the buck, but with Legion Pulse you are paying for the upgrade to all natural ingredients.  Generally, you get what you pay for.

If you are Caffeine Intolerant, the 350mg of Caffeine may be way to much for you.  There are some great Caffeine Free Pre Workouts available.

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Active Ingredients Overview

Some of the key Legion Pulse ingredients provide the energy, strength, endurance, motivation needed for your best performance.   Believe it or not, they even help to burn fat which leads weight loss.  A few of the ingredients are slightly different than conventional pre workouts because it is all natural.  Most are the same, but in different concentrations.

Caffeine Anhydrouscaffeine-pre-workout which is dehydrated caffeine is a major component in pre workouts.  It provides most of the focus and improves concentration.  Pre workouts will be a much better way to get your pre workout Caffeine than from coffee.

The quantity that you would need to drink as well as it’s acids, make it a poor decision for powering workouts.  Legion Pulse is on the high end with 350mg of Caffeine.  If you are Caffeine Intolerant, this may be a little two much for you.

L-citrulline, L-carnitine, and L-tyrosene which are also amino acids that have many positive effects on the body.  These include Nitric Oxide, which improves endurance and muscle development and it even helps with mental performance.  Beta Alanine is an important amino acid also, giving you a longer workout duration.  On I side note,  it even minimizes the effects of aging.

Vitamin B12, B6, B5 and Niacin (B vitamin) increase energy levels naturally, while at the same time maintaining energy metabolism.  Most energy drink manufactures have gotten into the Vitamin B game now, because it works.vitamins-pre-workout

Legion Pulse also contains other nutrients and minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium and Potassium.  Your body uses a lot more nutrients while exercising.  You’re getting much of your recommended daily vitamin and mineral supplements along with your pre workout..

And don’t forget the “All Natural Ingredients”.  These don’t necessarily effect your workout, but has more to do with long term health.   No artificial coloring, flavoring, and no artificial sugars.  They are substituted with other items.  Legion Pulse is sweetened with Swerve, which is naturally derived from sugar.


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Legion Pulse Pre Workout gave me the energy, strength and faster recovery between sets.  It provided me the additional focus and motivation, that I expect from a good pre workout supplement.  The Nitric Boost that I talked about was well worth it, and helped to propel my weight training.  The Blue Raspberry flavor was on point for a pre workout, but you may want to try one of the other 12 flavors.

My hands on product test proved to meet my expectations.  I now can recommend Legion Pulse for any high intensity workout that you are into.  One of the best things with Legion Pulse is that it doesn’t loose any of it’s “bang” even though it is an “All Natural Formula”.

If you are looking for healthier ingredients, this pre workout is worth a try. I believe that paying a little more for healthier ingredients is an investment in your body. If you would like to take this a step further, you might like to try an Organic Pre Workout.  These are free of chemicals and pesticides as well.


Legion Pulse also has a post workout recovery drink called Legion Recharge Post Workout Supplement.  Recharge will provide the nutrients that your body needs afterwards to repair your muscles.  This is also a top rated All Natural workout supplement.

If you get the jitters sometimes and don’t want all of the Caffeine, try Legion Pulse Caffeine Free Pre Workout.

Remember that if you don’t like Legion Pulse  for any reason, you can return it within 30 days.  This way you can try something else that works best for you.

If you have anything to add or any suggestions on this review, please leave a comment below and I will respond.


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