Is Pre Workout Bad For You – Let’s Break It Down

benefits-pre-workout Pre workout supplements have been held in high respect by the fitness community since nutritional supplements first began to catch on.  The benefits to take a pre workout is high.  You get a boost that is excellent, you are able to feel your muscle tissue pumping, your blood moves stronger along with more determination and concentration.

So is pre workout bad for you?  Over the years there’s been a great deal of debate regarding whether pre workout is safe or not.  I have heard both good and bad conversations in gym circles, tales from that one buddy that knows nothing about supplements except for hearsay, and articles and news feeds that I read online.

I want to clarify a few theories by doing some research on this subject.  I will also throw in some of my “common sense” answers to pre workout questions that I’ve discovered from my experience, that will not be seen in a clinical document.

I will be reviewing chemicals to be aware of in pre workout powders and the things that are beneficial to look for.  It creates sense to also review the do’s and don’ts that may help keep you safe when taking supplements.  Not to mention answer the question, is pre workout bad for you.c4-original-pre-workout

If you would like to understand more about pre workout nutritional facts and ingredients, check my C4 Pre Workout out Ingredient Review.



Are Pre Workouts Bad?

If pre workout if made in proper doses they can be safe and really worth the energy boost as well as other results that it provides, when it comes right down to.  Most pre workouts do have no components that will be harmful, or any such ingredients that will effect the body negatively.  We will review any possible harmful ingredients in a moment.

Just one serving to start

Pre workout, if not taken correctly, it may come with a variety of side effects.  It could result in sickness, jitters, cramps, raised blood pressure and cardiac arrest in unusual cases.

Almost always, the side effects or problems that can be brought on by pre workout are do to user mistake.  This is almost always caused by taking pre workouts in excess.


What happens is that the on the first time out of the gate with a new pre workout, we will over indulge to get jacked up.  It is important to start out slowly, drinking the suggested portion.  Avoid this, because it is not worth the extra pump and can be counter productive.

All Good Ingredients

vitamins-pre-workoutPre Workout Supplements are safe, until you over do it.  However, Pre workouts a merely made out of nutrients and protein.  Most are filled with Vitamin B-1 though B-12.  You shall see a few of these vitamins labeled as Niacin, Thiamine and Folic Acid.  Some have the full amount or more than your daily vitamin.

This supplement carries large amounts of Amino Acids with are essential to muscle mass development.  This includes BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which are vital and enhance exercise performance.

You will find other ingredients such as Beta Alanine which is another key protein.  Beta Alanine promotes exercise performance and muscle mass.  This ingredient gets your head and body to tingle.

This impact of this tingling is very normal and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and certainly will subside.  Many gym goers enjoy this feeling.  Pre workout manufacturers don’t appear to over do this ingredient, which means you don’t have to worry about watching the label for amounts.creatine-pre-workout

Creatine is another protein that actually works well with some.  To find out more on this, a check out my post on Pre Workout and Creatine.

Pre workout supplements frequently have synthetic sweeteners.  I’ve mainly seen Sucralose in both my pre workout and my post workout supplements.

sucralose-pre-workoutThis and other sweeteners which are artificial ingredients in pre workouts have not been shown to be bad for your body.  However, with large quantities of these sweeteners they can give some intestinal discomfort.

You can avoid artificial sweeteners and other ingredients, see my posts on either All Natural Pre Workouts or Organic Pre Workouts.

Caffeine can be healthy for you, but once more in moderation.  Some pre workout supplements contain up to 400mg of caffeine in 1 portion.   This is in a addition to the cup(or cups) of the Coffee which you currently drank this

Caffeine could be the most effective ingredient in pre workouts, but some can make you get anxiety, nervousness and impaired sleep when taking to much.  You will need to monitor your quantity since this can be very uncomfortable otherwise.  The other options is to either find a brand with less caffeine, or there am many alternatives that are caffeine-Free.

One last reminder that is that you may want to start with a little lower than one serving(one scoop) to perhaps avoid some of these negative effects.  One of the keys to best take pre workout is to start slow.

If you are Caffeine intolerant, I have some recommendations in my Caffeine Free Pre Workout post.


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The Bad Ingredients

dmaaWatch out for DMAA or dimethylamylamine. It is an amphetamine sometimes found in weight loss products and pre workouts. DMAA can raise your bodies stress levels, lead to conditions like cardiovascular problems, coronary attack and tightening of the chest.

Proprietary blends. This enables brand names to hide the dosages of their ingredients and steer clear of listing the ingredients on the label.

Therefore, it enables companies to hide dosages of each ingredient or will all together avoid mentioning ingredients that should be listing on the label. Sometimes they’ll fill this “proprietary” line item with cheaper ingredients that that cause complications and negative symptoms.

It just so happens that I have had brands in the past with proprietary blends with no negative effects, but this may not always end up being the case.artificial-coloring-pre-workout

Now on to food coloring. It seems that most of the food we consume contains this.  In fact, it is very difficult to move away from consuming food coloring completely.

Nevertheless, there is really not too much food that is without this.  It seems to me that one scoop or one serving of pre workout a couple of times a week is not much to worry about.

organic-muscle-pre-workoutHowever, some people will not consume anything with these artificial ingredients.  Luckily, we have All Natural Pre Workouts or Organic Pre Workouts.   Please read my posts and reviews on these.

Up till now it seems that the conclusion would be that pre workouts in general are safe.  However, I have a short lists of do’s and don’ts to reinforce what has been written.



*Check for the amount of Caffeine to make sure it’s not off the charts correct-supplements
(1 cup of coffee is around 90 grams)
*Use the smaller scoop, then work your way up in small increments
*Drink lots of water, since some of these supplements can dehydrate you
*Check the label for the few ingredients that are”bad” such as the ones we discussed


*Overdo your quantity!!
*Decide to get a pre workout without reading the components
*Buy your pre workout without reading reviews
*Purchase something with Caffeine being Caffeine intolerant.  Try a Caffeine Free Alternative.


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The Safe Pre Workout Conclusionpre-workout-drink

My research while doing this post implies that the ongoing health benefits of pre workout supplements far outweigh the negatives or any possible problems, as long as it is taken correctly.  You can get so many healthy rewards for fundamentally no risk.

Pre workout supplements will provide strong results for anything from running to cross-fit to cycling.  Even for Cardio exercise.

Anything this simple to make and for this type of price, that will help you get closer to your physical goals seems worth it.  To answer the big question of our topic, pre workouts are not bad.

An interesting topic is that the FDA will not approve pre workout powders or other supplements.  Health and nutritional supplements are one of the only food industries that is unregulated.  Nevertheless, you are able to look up individual supplements or ingredients at NSF USDA-organicInternational or USP if you would like to further research your ingredients.  Unfortunately, the FDA won’t have any of this data.

If you want a regulated, safe pre workout out I have your answer at Organic Pre Workouts.  These Organic supplements are regulated by the USDA.  In case  you are Vegan, most Organic supplements are Vegan.  Check out my posts on either Vegan Organic Pre Workouts or Organic Pre Workouts.

Keep it fresh the rule of every thing in moderation.  Myself included, go through life with the “more is way better theory”.  This is definitely not good with enjoying your pre workout supplements.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water together with your pre workout and during your workout.  This will constantly flush the body of toxins and keep you focused.  All the best achieving your fitness goals!

If you could use recommendations on great pre workout supplements, I have some review on these in my post –> What is the Best Pre Workout Supplement

I really hope you enjoyed this review and when you have any questions about pre workout or it’s benefits, please leave a comment in the box below.meditate-pre-workout

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