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How To Get Energy For A Workout – Energize Exercise

workout energyHaving enough energy to get a proper workout can be the most important thing, right behind just getting to the gym.  However, if you don’t feel that you have the energy, getting there may not even happen.

Since I first discovered pre workout supplements, it has been the best and most reliable way I’ve found to get energy for a workout.

When you are properly energized for exercise, this will bring you increased motivation and focus to be more efficient and have a more intense, enjoyable workout.

It had also been shown, pre workouts can boost endurance and increase the length of time that one can train.  Pre workout supplements have even proven to be the best method for burning calories and  weight loss.

weightlifting-pre-workoutPre workout supplements are not only the best way to get energy for a workout, but they also have special ingredients that actually increase strength, endurance and fight fatigue.  There are many different types of pre workouts available, but we are going to narrow them down to find the right one for your body.

I’m going to explain how this supplement works to give your muscles this increased performance, as well as talking about if pre workouts are safe.  And of course, how they give you energy for working out.

Coffee and Energy Drinks

coffee-pre-workoutInexperienced weekend warriors may think that coffee or energy drinks are the way to go for energy for running, weight lifting or cardiovascular exercise.  These options will work to some extent because they contain Caffeine.  They are great for waking up and getting you through with a quick upper when you need one.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using coffee and energy drinks for an intense workout.  One of them is that you would need to drink quite a few cups of coffee to get the caffeine that you would receive in a pre workout drink.  This could cost you up to $15 per day at Starbucks.

By the time that you slam more than one cup of coffee, you will most likely either have stomach discomfort or be running to the bathroom quite often.caffeine-pre-workout

Just to have a better comparison between coffee vs pre workout, a cup of coffee usually contains around 90mg of Caffeine whereas an average pre workout supplement will contain between 150-300mg.  Coffee also will take a litte longer to kick in.  Coffee can sometimes take up to one hour whereas pre workout is closer to 25-30 minutes.

With an energy drink, you will receive an initial rush of impressive energy.  However, this will be short lived and is most times followed by a crash.  This is far from ideal in the middle of your workout routine.

The major negative aspect of using coffee rather than a pre workout for your workout is the strength and muscle endurance that comes from the ingredients.  The Amino Acids in a pre workout will provide that muscle pump, vascularity and muscle recovery between sets, not to mention added strength and endurance.

There is a certain intensity that Caffeine mixed with Amino Acids in a pre workout gives that you can’t get with Caffeine alone.

If you are looking for the convenience of a pre workout supplement on the go, I would recommend either C4 Energy Drink or Celsius Fitness Drink.

If you have a favorite pre workout or a pre workout alternative, please let me know in the comment box at the bottom or this post.

Is Pre Workout Safe

bcaa-ingredientsPre workout supplement companies manufacture their product to be aimed at a more health conscious community.  Although most workout supplements are not controlled by the FDA, reports of problems from taking pre workouts are rare.  There are a few ingredients to look out for that I review in my post, Are Pre Workout Drinks Safe.

The most important thing to look out for, is if you are Caffeine Intolerant or have a Caffeine allergy.  This can result in increased heart rate, the jitters, upset stomach, just to name the minor side effects.  If this is the case, you would definitely need to try a Caffeine Free Pre Workout.

Creatine is a very effective Amino Acid sometimes found in pre workouts that works great for building muscle mass.  However, there can be some cases of discomfort from Creatine.  For this, some brands make a Creatine Free Pre Workout.

Most known cases of pre workout issues come from user error.  Some people think that more is better when taking supplements.  Don’t fall to this thinking when it comes to a pre workout.  This is a strong supplement that can cause you temporary problems if abused.  Start with one serving, and work your way up.


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Best Types Of Pre Workouts Available

post workoutSince each one of us are built differently, there is not really a “one size fits all” brand.  You may have to try a couple of different ones to find out which works best for your body.  Luckily nutritional supplements come with a 30 satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

There are pre workout supplements that are made with the differences between a man or woman in mind.  If you are interested in this, you can look at What’s the Best Pre Workout Supplement for Men or What is the Best Pre Workout for Women.

I have a couple of pre workout reviews on some recommended products I’ve tried.  These include Vintage Blase Pre Workout, NO Xplode Pre Workout, Mr Hyde Nitro X, and C4 Original.

Healthier Pre Workout Alternatives

Natural-pre-workoutSince working out goes hand in hand with nutrition, I’m going to introduce you to some healthier pre workout options.  These are quickly becoming increasingly more popular within the nutritional supplement industry.  All Natural Pre Workout Supplements are a good alternative.  As opposed to the traditional pre workout, these do not contain any artificial flavors, colors of sugars.

organic-pre-workoutMy personal favorite is the Organic Pre Workout Supplement category.  Like the All Natural, these do not contain any artificial ingredients.  However, they are also produced without pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals.

vegan-pre-workoutLastly, some companies make Vegan Pre Workout Supplements.  Vegan products have the same standards that go into All Natural and Organic.  However, they don’t contain any animal or dairy products.

The traditional, most popular pre workouts tend to have a bit more Caffeine and Amino Acids in them.  They may have more potent chemicals. The Organic and Vegan categories have better, more specialized ingredients and are definitely a healthier option.

The Energetic Conclusion

weight-liftiing-pre-workoutPre workout companies have engineered a perfect product for a well rounded workout.  Whether you are doing, cross-fit, exercise classes, cardio, running, cycling.  Pre workouts are even widely used as a healthy weight loss alternative.

Pre workouts not only contain clean energy from Caffeine, but the Amino Acids bring additional oxygen to your muscles, which increases power, muscle recovery, muscle growth and it boosts endurance.  These factors, in turn, get your mind and body more motivated and focused to get a more intense workout.pre-workout-women

Now that you have a better understanding of what is a pre workout for as well as the benefits of a pre workout, this post should help you make any decisions whether a pre workout is right for you and if so, what type to get.

Now that you know the best, effective and safe way to get your workout energy, I hope this brings you to an entirely new performance level so you can more easily achieve your exercise goals!

If you have any questions or comments on How To Get Energy for A Workout, please let me know in the box below and I will respond.


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