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Gainz Box Review – Get the Newest Fitness Gear Every Month

This Gainz Box review details one of the top fitness subscription boxes available. It’s a brilliant option for people who like getting the newest training tools, devices, and the hottest supplements but aren’t into searching for them.

I’ll be telling you more about the cost vs the value found in each box, examples of their newest products, and the flexibility/no commitment policy for this service.

Best Fitness Subscription Boxes

Shipped to your home on a monthly basis, these packages should be loaded with all the latest and greatest gym gear, balms, energy bars, healing aids, exercise equipment, and more.

They should also provide at least double the retail value every month than what you are paying for in subscription fees. Some boxes even send different choices based on your gender and interests. Boxes are available for bodybuilding, yoga, Crossfit, runners, boxing, and any other fitness category that you can think of.

However , it’s not just what’s in the subscription package that is important to look at. A good fitness subscription box should also provide you with top-notch and curated products inside.

Therefore, it’s important to check the things below before you decide which fitness box service you want to subscribe to:

  • Quality of productsWhen it comes to fitness and health, you should never use low-quality and questionable products. Always make sure you get products from reputable and trustworthy companies only.
  • Retail valueEven though you can save a few bucks subscribing to a fitness box service, you should always compare the total retail value of those products so you don’t get scammed.
  • Exclusivity – Check whether you get exclusive products or not because in some cases, fitness companies do collaborations with fitness box subscription service providers. You should be getting the newest gear on the market.
  • Subscription management – Maybe you’ve been busy with your job and you haven’t open your fitness package from the previous month. Or maybe, you plan to save a few dollars for the next few months. The two scenarios are the reasons why you need to choose a fitness box subscription service that offers flexible subscription management options such as skipping months or canceling at any time.
  • Packaging – It always feels nice to see something wrapped in unique and exclusive packaging. However, the packaging of your fitness box subscription should not serve for aesthetic purposes only. It has to be able to keep its content safe during the shipping process.

The Gainz Box Review

What is the Gainz Box? The Gainz Box is a fitness box subscription service specifically designed for fitness and CrossFit enthusiasts.

When subscribing to Gainz Box, you’ll get a package every month containing several things like exercise gear, vitamins and supplements, workout tools, and other CrossFit products.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated Crossfitter or athlete. You can still enjoy Gainz Box because many of the products inside are suitable for casual fitness activities as well.

This is also what makes Gainz Box special because they care about you and they want to listen to you. You can make online reviews about Gainz Box’s products and services, and they will give you extra points for that. You can then use the extra points to get freebies.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fitness - Gainz Box contents

How Does Gainz Box Work?

How to get started with Gainz Box. Gainz Box has an extremely simple and easy to used website. There are no hidden fees or extras to purchase, and getting signed up is simple. And there is no long-term commitment.

The first time you visit Gainz Box’s official website, you will see how convenient it is to get their products. You’ll start by filling in your personal information.

Don’t worry about your privacy and security because the questions asked are very general like your gender, your body size, and your preferred plan. This is so they can provide more items that align with you.

Gainz Box Subscription Plans

There are two available plans at Gainz Box: a monthly plan and a 3-month plan. We would say both plans are pretty reasonable in terms of prices. And, more importantly, Gainz Box gives you the option to skip, pause, or cancel their service anytime you like.

In addition, Gainz Box also gives you the option to send the package as a gift to your friends or family. If you don’t want this option as a monthly subscription service, you will be charged one time only.

What Are Gainz Box’s Features and Benefits?

Here are the biggest selling points in my book. For $32 plus shipping, every month you will be receiving the newest and most cutting-edge fitness supplements, exercise equipment, and athletic wear. The items in every box will be worth 2-3 times the retail cost of these products.

The other most important part for me is that you can skip months, pause your Gainz membership, and cancel your service at any time. No commitment is always my favorite.

Each of Gainz Box’s packages will contain approximately six to eight high-quality items. These meet my requirements for something new and different every month.

With Gainz Box you’ll always be surprised by what’s inside the box. In some months, you will get more supplements and vitamins while in some other months, you will get a package loaded with custom sports apparel.

The section below will tell more about what is in the Gainz Box.


What’s In Gainz Box

Now, to know more about what you get from subscribing to Grainz Box, let’s take a detailed look at their package from the previous months. It’s important to know ahead of time that this fitness subscription box is packed full of items that interest you.

We’ll start with the August 2020 “Rich Running” edition. Inside, you will find a white Mayhem tank top, a pair of black Mayhem socks, an RP lunch box, Victis CBD therapeutic pain relief, Biofuel multi-nutrient supplement support, Froning Farm bison sticks, and Biocharge amino acid.

For the November 2020 edition, you will find the NC Fit logo on the outside. Also, the items you get on the inside are a backpack from NC Fit, a bottle of Huron body wash, a Queen City coffee bag, two NC Fit t-shirts, and a Go Ruck velcro tag.

Then, for the December 2020 “Iron Addict” edition, Gainz Box gives us five products from Iron Addict which are a windbreaker, a beanie, a neck gator, and bracelets. There are also popcorn and veggie sticks from Lesser Evil, and a shaker with plant protein from Ambrosia.

We will also take a look at Gainz Box’s January “Reset” edition. The first you’ll see when you open the box is a black Strong New York t-shirt, followed by Barebell’s salty peanut protein bar, FitAid recovery blend, Strong New York fanny pack, Liquid I.V. hydration multiplier, and Chike high protein coffee.

Other Gainz Box Options

Along with the fitness box subscription and gift package, Gainz Box also sells other products. If you go to the “SHOP” section of their website, you will find some items that are not included in their fitness box subscription like the Self-Care Box and Fit At-Home Box. These cost between $25 and $50 and are one-time fitness boxes.

The self-care box includes recovery and relaxation products and the Fit at Home Box includes home workout essentials. Both packages have the same total retail value at $157.

You will also find other exclusive products such as the “Fitness Delivered” black crewneck shirt, shaker bottle, and mobility ball. All of those have Gainz Box’s label attached to them.

Gainz Box Is Owned by Fitness Professionals

You will also find military-related products now and then like the Go Ruck velcro tag since one of the owners is a veteran as well as a Crossfit athlete. And if you do a little bit of research, you will know that the total retail value of the products for each month will range from $89 to $112. That’s more or less three times the value of what you pay for!

Gainz Box is athlete-approved and many of the co-owners and founders are professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. They include exclusive sports trainers and winners in the Crossfit games.

We don’t know what will you get if you buy the newest edition. But, but many times it’s themed by a top athlete in the field. I certainly hope that it will also include exclusive products.

Gainz Box Reviews

If you are not sure about Gainz Box’s product and service quality, you can find many testimonies from some of their real users.

Melissa Mortensen, a Gainz Box customer, writes a review highlighting the quantity and the quality of the items. She said that she received a pair of well-made socks, a weight belt, and aromatic soap, and she wants to keep her subscription going.

Gainz Box Reviews

Another Amazon user, Kjirsten, reported that she enjoyed the package. She said that she loved most of the products she received even though occasionally products did not suit her taste as well such as the lemon-flavored protein powder.

Gainz Box Reviews

Gainz Box Comparable Alternatives

Gainz Box is not the only player in the game, as there are other fitness box subscription service providers available. These are a few other fitness subscription box options that I recommend.

  • BARBELL BOXThis is my favorite “Gainz Box alternative”. The Canadian-based Barbell Box is the most similar to Gainz Box in terms of completeness. Just like Gainz Box, it contains fitness apparel like t-shirts and tank tops, home gym fitness accessories, and supplements. It’s priced a little bit higher though at $39.
  • MuscleBox – MuscleBox is a good alternative for gym rats. Along with the original MuscleBox, they have two other featured products: Miss MuscleBox for the girls and Protein Box which only contains protein snacks and supplements. They are priced at $23, cheaper than Gainz Box, but with a lower average retail value at $60.
  • Fit Snack – Unlike Gainz Box which provides you with workout gear and equipment, Fit Snack only offers snacks and supplements. However, Fit Snacks promises that their products are GMO-free, low sugar, all-natural, and high in proteins. It prices its healthy fitness food box at $29 per month.

Similar to Gainz Box, the fitness box subscription service providers above provide only the finest fitness products and offer flexible subscription services for their customers. Click on “Barbell Box” to see my top recommendation within these alternates.


The Gainz Box Review Conclusion

At only $32 a month, and with superior products inside the package, Gainz Box is a must-have for you CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts in general. The monthly boxes give you much more than your subscription price, and Gainz Box values its loyal customers.

Besides Gainz Box containing the newest, cutting edge products, these monthly boxes are also worth 2-3 times the retail cost. Not only that, but you can pause your membership, skip months, or cancel at any time. Because of this, Gainz Box meets my requirements for both value and versatility.

If you have any further questions or comments on this Gainz Box review, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Gainz Box


Product Exclusivity


Retail Value


Subscription Management





  • Versitile product selections
  • Change subscription at any time
  • Competive box pricing
  • Boxes are worth 2-3 retail value
  • Only the newest products


  • You won't use every item

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