Echelon Fitness Mirror Review

Echelon Fitness Mirror Review- Live Classes and Interactive Workouts

From the makers of Echelon Connect Bikes, they now make an interactive fitness mirror for your home.  This Echelon Fitness Mirror review demonstrates the benefits of home gym workout technology and the concept that makes this a cutting edge exercise system.

We will be looking at both the Echelon Reflect 50″ Touch and it’s little brother, the Echelon Reflect 40″ smart mirror.

Introducing Interactive Home Gym Mirrors

Interactive Home Gyms are the biggest up and coming way to workout at home.  You don’t even need a separate exercise room since they are so compact and blend in like a nice piece of furniture.

There aren’t many options in this category as of yet.  The interactive gyms available thus far are packed with technology and have been thoroughly tested to give you some of the best home gym workouts.

One thing to be aware of is that, whether you purchase an Echelon Reflect or any other “mirror” type gym, there will be a monthly fee or membership in order for the equipment to function.

I’ve seen the monthly charges be anywhere from $29.99 to $59.99 depending on the interactive gym system that you choose.  From my research, most of these “membership” fees do not require a contract for a time commitment.

Across the boards, these interactive gyms require a strong internet connection, and they are fairly user friendly when it comes to setting them up for the first time.

Echelon Fitness Mirror Review - Woman-doing-yoga-with-Echlelon-Reflect

Echelon Fitness Mirror Review – Overview

Echelon Fit was founded in 2017 to provide a more affordable option to the Peleton Bike as well as other more expensive competitors.  To compete, Echelon home gym uses similar interactive features and fitness tracking.

Specializing in home gym exercise equipment, they are ever-evolving in their mirror gyms, interactive rowers, and new Connect Bikes.

What is the Echelon Reflect 50″

In this Echelon Reflect mirror review, we will give you all of the critical info about this good looking interactive workout mirror.  This advanced home gym system is low profile and fits flush against the wall to blend with any decor.

Echelon Reflect 50″ touch mirror has a 32″ High-Def screen, it’s powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core, two 8-watt speakers, and a hidden 8-megapixel camera for personal coaching.

It’s packed full of technology while being extremely user-friendly.  The touchscreen will guide you through live and on-demand workout classes.  These exercises classes include boxing, yoga, conditioning, cardio, pilates, strength, stretching, meditation, fat burn, and Zumba.


Echelon Mirror Setup

The Echelon Reflect home gym looks great mounted to the wall and weighs about 50lbs.  It does come with an easier to set up mirror stand if you prefer to mount it this way.

If you have any problems with hookup or figuring out how to use your system, they are known for having a knowledgable customer service department.

After turning it on the first time, the Reflect shows you how to connect WiFi and set up your username and password.  The Echelon mirror will then ask a few questions about your personal fitness to get a better idea about you and your goals.

How It Works

Echelon Fitness Mirror Review - Echelon Reflect touch

Using the touch screen, first select from live classes or on-demand.  The live classes are stream through your internet connection as well as tons of on-demand classes.

It’s rewarding to be able to see yourself in the mirror as you are going through the movements.  However, this may take a little getting used to when seeing both the trainer on the screen along with you in the mirror.

Live Streaming Classes

The real-time classes are live one-on-one with their world class instructors.  The Echelon screen will show you the full schedule of live classes filtered by day and category.

There are 10 different live-streaming classes offered per day.  During these classes, the other class members can’t see you, but you can compete with them on the leaderboard.

On-Demand Classes

If you choose on-demand classes, scroll to pick your workout category, and then scroll through the lists of your perferred exercise videos.  The on-demand selections are well organized, and they are taken from the previous live streaming workouts.

One-On-One Live Training

At this time, the option will be released any day.  You will be able to train one-on-one with an actually certified trainer.  This is the reason for the hidden camera behind the mirror.  The price for this service has not been released yet.


Echelon Workout Features

Classes include boxing, yoga, conditioning, cardio, pilates, strength, stretching, weight loss, meditation, and Zumba.

The heart monitor is part of the Echelon equipment package and connects through Bluetooth.  Keeping track of vitals is an important part of the Echelon program.  Your heart rate will show on the screen as green, yellow, or red depending on your level of activity.

To get the most effective workouts, try to keep your heart rate close to, or in the “red zone” as much as possible.  This is also how the leaderboard works to compete with other users, by giving points for the amount of time in the most difficult color zone.

The interactive mirror screen shows your class rank, workout duration, average heart rate, calories burned, and workouts completed.

For advanced training programs, you can use dumbells, resistance bands, or other accessories in conjunction with your Echelon interactive exercise program.

An additional feature of this program is that your membership includes up to 4 family members.

Echelon Reviews – Possible Negatives

For the Echelon Reflect review potential negatives, Echelon Fit claims that their mirror is made of “fingerprint-resistant glass”.  However, you will still get smudges on it.  I don’t think that total fingerprint resistance will ever be a thing, but the Echelon mirror easily cleans off with a microfiber cloth.

The Echelon Reflect live classes are not fully interactive, since the trainer does not give you real time feedback.  This option will be released soon but at an additional cost.  If you are looking for trainer input for the base price,  the best interactive home gym system for this is the Tempo Home Gym.

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Echelon Fitness Mirror Review - Echelon monitor

The Echelon App

Your membership fee includes the Echelon phone app which enables you to take the Echelon personal training classes with you anywhere.

From my research, it only offers the on-demand classes but not the live feed.  Like the actual Echelon unit, this phone app gives you the opportunity to workout with all exercise categories.  The options are set up so you can use them just like the Reflect touchscreen.


Echelon Reflect 40″

The 40″ Echelon mirror is designed to give you the same live and on-demand workouts as it’s big brother.  Its also a slim line design, but a little smaller of a footprint.  And of course, because of the size, it’s less expensive.

You will pay less, but one potential drawback is that the screen isn’t activated by touch.  On the Echelon 40″, the functions can only be activated with the phone app.  However, this mirror is still quite user friendly since the app is setup exactly like the Echelon screen.

The Echelon 40″ mirror price runs around $800 less than the Echelon 50″, but the membership fees are the same as the larger one.


Echelon Reflect Price

The price is just under $2000.00 which is a better value than some of the other interactive workout mirrors.  At this time, they are offering the 50″ Echelon workout mirror for only $1599.00.  However, this price won’t last. 

The Echelon Reflect 40″ is around $800 less depending on the current deals.

The standard subscription plan is $39.99 per month or you can save money by grouping months.  $399.00 for a one year subscription or $599 for 2 years.  What makes this a much better deal is that with these yearly programs, you don’t have to pay the $199.00 shipping fee!

Since this exercise unit is a little on the pricey side, Echelon Fitness offers a payment plan of $54.00 per month for 6 months.

The Echelon home gym mirror touch comes with a one year warranty. You can even try the Echelon Reflect for 30 days risk-free in case it’s not all that you thought it was.

Echelon vs Mirror

Mirror home gym

The interactive home gym called the “Mirror” is more heavily advertised but the only benefit seems to be the small price difference.  The Mirror home gym is slightly less money, but the monthly membership is the same as Echelon.

Where the Echelon Reflex excels because of its touchscreen, it’s considerably larger and comes with more features.

With the Mirror, you can only control the screen options with their phone app.  For these reasons, I would choose the Echelon Reflect over the Mirror.

If you are interested in an interactive strength machine, you may want to look into Tonal.  However, it is a lot more pricey than any of the other home gyms in this class.

I feel like the best home gym in this category is Tempo Fit, since it is truly interactive.  You can see more about it at What is Tempo Fit.


Tempo Studio VS Echelon Reflect

Best Workout Machines for the Home - Tempo Studio black

These two interactive home gyms have many attributes in common such as the touchscreen, Bluetooth capabilities, and thousands of on demand classes.

Tempo does have the upperhand on two major benefits. The Tempo Studio machine actually gives live feedback on your form and moves. With Tempo, weights are included, nicely organized in the back of the unit.

Although this may be the superior fitness machine, you will be paying for it. Check pricing below.


Echelon Fitness Mirror Conclusion

The Echelon Fitness Mirror may just be the best interactive home gym for the price.  Echelon’s goal is to perfect its interactive gyms and Connect Bikes to be better and for less money.

Echelon Reflect gives you the ability to control every option and program from its large touchscreen.  It offers 10 live classes per day and hundreds of on-demand videos.  Echelon Reflect contains one of the most diversified selections when it comes to the exercise categories it offers.

Like other mirror gyms, Echelon Reflect blends into the look of your walls.  The monthly membership fees are comparable with most other home gyms in its class.  Don’t forget, that you can set up profiles for up to 4 family members for the same price.

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Echelon Reflect 50" Touch


User Friendly


Look and Style


Newest Technology


Class Options





  • Live stream and on-demand classes
  • Touchscreen Navigation
  • Plenty of exercise categories
  • Profiles for up to 4 users
  • Phone app for classes anywhere


  • Membership fees
  • Cost

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