Does Pre Workout Work – The Ultimate Test

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Does Pre Workout Work – The Ultimate Test

Today’s topic is, does pre workout work. I’m going discuss if pre workout works like it claims to, explain if a pre workout supplement is right for you and your body, what kind of pre workout supplement to use, and the effects that it can have, along with the ingredients typically used.

Pre workout supplements typically work the same on most people, but it all depends on your sex, weight and metabolism.  All bodies function similarly when it comes to chemical and physical aspects.  I hope to give you an idea if a pre workout will work for you.

The Caffeine Factor

Up till now, I have never met anyone throughout my sports and weight lifting career that did not benefit in some way from a pre workout supplement.  However, it seems that some can’t go with out it while others don’t touch the stuff.  The most active ingredient in pre workouts is caffeine, as it gives you the majority of your energy.

The chemistry of the pre workouts has changed substantially through the years as modern science has played more of a role in the development.  The degree that this supplement works varies from person to person. Some are “light weights” and it only takes a caffeine-pre-workoutsmall amount. Some of these people feel uncomfortable or dizzy while taking pre workout. I would recommend these people use it in small quantities. In this case, coffee can be a good alternative. I’ve have even seen recommendations  to drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before the workout. There is nothing wrong with this.

The sacrifice by drinking coffee by itself means that you don’t get the pre workout supplement ingredients that help you go the “extra mile”. You will be missing the vascular pump, the increased stamina and the quick recovery. If caffeine tolerant you may also want to try switching brand as caffeine is the major ingredient in pre workout.  Some contain more caffeine than others, and your pre workout may contain a lot of it.  They can have as much as 500mg per serving!

On the other hand, some people are a little more immune to the effect. They will have to double up on the serving size. Be very careful when doing this, and build up slowly to see how your body is taking it. Take too much and you are going to get a nice migraine. More does not always mean better. If your pre workout is not working for you, try switching brands and look for one with more or less caffeine.

If you already known that you are caffeine sensitive, look at the ingredients for a lower amount. Shoot for 200- 300mg. If you generally require more caffeine you will need to look for closer to 400mg. The word caffeine can be hidden on some supplement labels. It can be discussed as caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate and caffeine pterostibene cocrystal

Is a Pre Workout Supplement Right for You?pre-workout-women

I will start by saying that there are hundreds of pre workout supplements out there, and it is not a “one size fits all product”.  You should really find out which pre workout is right for you if you are involved in athletic activities. This may include bicycling, running, track and field, gymnastics, power lifting, body building, weight lifting, swimming, basketball or tennis. Pre workout will give you a competitive edge. It will also bring you more motivation and focus, therefore bringing your performance to a higher level.

If you are a little older I would strongly recommend a pre workout being right for you. I have first hand experience on this. As I have gotten older, I have to exercise twice and hard to get half of the gains when I was younger. Though this is one of God’s cruel tricks, but it is a fact of life. If you go into your activity with more energy and power, you will have a much better chance to meet your goal.  Testosterone starts getting pretty low as early as your 30’s.

Some people have extremely high energy, endurance and motivation that comes naturally.  I’m jealous, but good for you.  Chances are, you may not be ready to use a pre workout supplement at this time.

The Kinds of Pre Workout Supplements to Use

You should stick to a pre workouts that gets good reviews. These tend to be the more well known products, and that would be a good place to start. Most stores and websites have a good return policy, usually 30 days.  Even when it is an open package. Some places even take back the empty bottle, but I recommend using less than half. This way you can try a few different pre workouts without spending a lot of money.c4

I prefer Mr Hyde Nitro X pre workout, C4 pre workout and B-NOX Ripped pre workout. I will be doing some more product reviews in the near future to help you in your decision making.  C4 is the one pictured to your right.  I usually have more than one brand at the house so I can switch it up a little. This way may body won’t build up a tolerance to just one pre workout.

If you are taking the same brand for a couple of months your body could get used to it. If this happens, I would recommend discontinuing use for a month and then start back after a few weeks,  or simply switch brands..

What is in Pre Workouts

As I mentioned before, caffeine is a major ingredient  in pre workout supplements. I would say it is the base ingredient for most of these. However, the other ingredients are very important. They bring you muscle pump, muscle vascularity, endurance, and recovery.

creatine-workoutCreatine is a building block for muscle strength, recovery and increased muscle mass. Taking large amounts of Creatine can cause weight loss through water retention. Many serious weight lifters take creating after their workout for recovery.

One of my favorites is nitric oxide. This is a vasodilator which helps to bring blood flow to your muscles, gives you a better pump and makes your muscles more “vascular”. This is the ingredient that can sometimes give you a head tingle.

Some ingredients worth noting is L-tyrosine, L-argenine and L-taurine. These are amino acids that are known to increase muscle mass, muscle strength and to accelerate recovery between workouts.

With any product, there are usually non functional ingredients. These are usually natural or artificial flavorings, citric acid(preservative), sucralose(sweetener), and food coloring.

The Working Conclusion

Yes, pre workout supplements  do work!  They will work for all ages and genders.  They are chemically formulated to give you energy, endurance and strength. The only people that would not need this product would be someone that is hyperactive, energetic and highly motivated.mens-pre-workout

As I discussed, the use of pre workout supplements becomes more important with age. Men slowly lose their testosterone levels from age 18 one. I highly recommend the supplements when you start having a decrease in energy. This can happen as early as ones late 20’s or 30’s.

Pre workout supplements are safe to use and very advantageous for any athletic activity. Just start out slow with your quantity. Don’t take too much and if one brand doesn’t work for you, try another one until you find a fit.

If you have any more questions regarding if pre workout works or need any other information on pre workout supplements, please leave me a comment below.  I will respond as soon as possible.


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