CBD Oil In The Gym – Exercise And Muscle Recovery Benefits

Since CBD Oils can be beneficial to your body in many ways, I’m going to relate them to the benefits of exercise. Have you ever thought about CBD Oil in the gym?  Though my articles are usually on pre and post workout supplements, this time I’m going to research the advantages of CBD and how it can help your workout program.

I’m going to review what CBD oil is and how CBD’s will benefit your fitness program as well as other areas of your life.  We will look specifically into the advantages that CBD can give to your performance and muscle recovery.

I’ve been very skeptical as many others, about the CBD craze.  I’m not always quick to jump on the bandwagon about new ideas, just as I was not at first with Organic foods.  Before my research for this post, I had not been a believer in CBD oil and previously has related it only to my pot smoking days.

As we head quickly in the direction towards increased health and fitness, researchers are doubling down looking for the next best thing.   If you think that CBD Oil could benefit you, please read on.


CBD Oil In The Gym - cbd molecule and plant


What Exactly Are CBD Oils

CBD is by far the fasted growing trend in our era.  620 million dollars in CBD products were sold last year in the United States alone.  CBD Oil comes from Cannabis, otherwise called hemp or marijuana.  THC along with other impurities are extracted out to make this a pure non-narcotic product.

CBD Oil In The Gym -marijuana plantsIn other words, you won’t get high off of the effects since the THC has been removed.  This leaves us with only the holistic effects of the plant.  This is what makes CBD oil assuredly legal and safe.

Just like most fitness supplements, CBD is not FDA approved.  This means that the purity is unknown except for what the manufacturer claims.  FDA has approved a purified form of CBD that treats epilepsy, but that’s as far as it goes.

There are many positive attributes that CBD brings to the table which we will be discussing, but be aware that it can have a few negative side effects also.  These can include, tiredness, changes in appetite and weight fluctuation.

I’ve discovered that the pros of CBD far outweigh the cons.  Some of the outrageous claims of health benefits are untrue as with any advertised supplement, so we will try to “weed” through to the truth.

Unless you are specifically looking for the effects of Hemp Seed Oil, don’t mistake this for CBD or Hemp Oil.  Hemp Seed Oil is made from the seeds of hemp and doesn’t come with the same healing properties.  Be extra careful since some brands will purposely label their product incorrectly.


CBD And Performance

At first, this benefit seemed odd to me since Cannabis has always had a reputation for making people being sluggish or lazy.  However, since the THC(the chemical that gets you high) has been removed, it comes with an entirely new set of results.  Of course, you won’t get the kind of energy that you do from any pre workout supplements that I usually write about.  The effects of CBD Oil is much more subtle.

Some research shows that CBD can significantly reduce pain.  This is how it helps with performance, by pushing through the pain.  Like the No Pain No Gain saying.  The effect from the CBD can increase your pain threshold, therefore having a numbing effect to help you push your workout to more extremes.

CBD Oil In The Gym - woman doing squatsCBD Oil in the gym and also weight training translates into being able to push through discomfort to push out the last few repetitions. For Cross-fitters, this means getting through those extra movements.

For runners and cyclists, ignoring the pain to go the extra mile.  CBD is not as effective for aerobic sports such as long distance running, but can still have positive effects.

Another excellent advantage is that studies have shown CBD to increase your metabolism, therefore promoting weight loss.  If this is true, many of us could use some of that additional metabolism.  Caffeine is the original metabolism booster, but more studies are currently being done with CBD.

CBD can also support your brain’s cognitive abilities allowing for better concentration and mental clarity.  This helps to keep you focused and motivated to move quickly through your routine and extend the period of time of your workout.  As far as how CBD affects muscle growth, I’m looking forward to more studies on this in the future.


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CBD For Faster Muscle Recovery

One of the most important discoveries on CBD is that it increases muscle recovery time.  The quicker and fuller than you recover the better.  This also means that is can also accelerate recovery from injury by increasing your physical limitations.  When you perform intense exercise, muscles get microscopic tears.  The healing of these tears is what builds up your muscle size and strength better than before.

CBD Oil In The Gym - man showing muscle painAmino Acids are the primary protein for muscle repair and growth, but the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD Oil aids in this process.  Along with this, CBD reduces stiffness and pain in muscles and throughout the body.

It not only reduces pain but inflammation of the muscles and joints.  This makes it easier to get back to your workout schedule at 100%.  CBD is safe to use before and after a workout and will help to relieve soreness that builds up in your muscles.

CBD Oils contains chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6 and 9, amino acids, vitamins E, D, and magnesium.  These ingredients are also key to muscle recovery.  CBD performs well with exercise recovery as well as recovering from an injury.

If you have any comments or questions about CBD and performance or muscle recover, please leave them below and I will respond.


CBD And Sleep For Recovery

CBD Oil In The Gym - lady sleepingAnother benefit of CBD Oil is that it helps you get better sleep.  There is evidence that CBD can directly affect sleep by interacting with related receptors in the brain.  The effects are especially positive if you can’t get to sleep due to soreness or pain.

Improved sleep can directly improve your athletic performance.  If you know anything about sleep and muscle recovery, sleep is critical for your muscles to recover faster for increased growth.

CBD also promotes sleep by helping with stress, anxiety, and nervousness.  You may understand this if your mind has kept you up from worrying in the past.  Other benefits from a good night’s sleep are decreased sickness and health problems, reduced weight gain, a sharper memory, and longevity.

A good CBD Oil can also work to help you sleep better after exercise since your adrenaline pumping makes it more difficult to rest.


CBD, But At What Cost?

CBD Oil In The Gym - cbd oilCBD Oil may also be labeled as Hemp Oil or Hemp Extract on sites such as Amazon.  The most important thing to look out for are products labeled Hemp Seed Oil.  This product does have some of the same effects as CBD, and it is a less expensive sometimes less pure product.

CBD is safe and also a low risk money option.  A tincture dosage is generally a full dropper that is integrated into the cap.  A small bottle usually contains around 30 servings.

Some CBD’s can be a little bit pricey, but they don’t have to be.  A small bottle of CBD oil(also known as hemp oil) typically cost as low as $10.00 or as high as $300.00 or more.  Try to find the one that fits into your budget.  CBD’s are basically priced out according to concentration and purity.   To sum it up, you get what you pay for.

The more expensive products have things in common such as being organically grown, chemical-free, outdoor grown and a better purity making it more potent.  CBD Full Spectrum oils typically give the best effects.  The lesser expensive oils will by less pure and may have a lesser effect.  The purity or strength of CBD Oils are not always labeled.

CBD Oil In The Gym - 30 day return policyCBD is not yet FDA regulated so until the rules change on this, you will have to go on their labeling claims alone.  Fortunately, most of these manufacturers have a 30 guarantee on their products, so feel free to give them a try.

CBD is also available in vape pens, gummies, sprays, vaporizers, and capsules, so there is a world of different products and price points out there.  I would just keep it simple, and start with the original CBD Oil first and see if it works for you.


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CBD Oil In The Gym

According to studies, the advantages of CBD for your exercise program has valid truth.  From faster muscle recovery and reduced muscle pain to improved performance.   Some claims about “hemp” may be overrated but there are many proven valuable health benefits.

Other proven CBD Oil benefits are treating neurological symptoms and disorders, fighting cancer, slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and reduce seizures from epilepsy.  There is scientific evidence to back up most of these.  Keep in mind that we are all unique, so not every product will work the same on each of us.

CBD Oil In The Gym - CBD Gummies

However, CBD and Hemp Oils are low risk, and they are reasonably priced for the benefits that they provide.   Be sure to look for CBD or Hemp Oil rather than Hemp Seed Oil since this is not the same.  CBD traditionally is sold in a vial but is available in vape pens, gummies, sprays, vaporizers, and capsules.

If you have any questions or comments about CBD Oil in the gym or how it can help with your exercise program, please leave a comment below and I will respond quickly.


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