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Crossfit and Pre Workout – WOD “Workout Of the Day”

Crossfit has been successfully sweeping across this country and worldwide in recent years.  About 20 years ago, a company called “Crossfit” began from a single gym.  Now it is more of a concept than a brand. Crossfit is a lifestyle of exercise and nutrition with primary goals for weight loss, strength training, teamwork and for […]

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What’s the Best Protein Powder for Men – The Manly Review

Being a man that has used popular protein powders for most of my life, I thought it made sense to write about what’s the best protein powder for men.  This is a great topic since anyone who exercises or goes to the gym will receive some great benefits from taking protein powder. Consuming the proper […]

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Amino Acids and Muscle Growth – Building Blocks of Protein

  You may have questions about Amino Acids because you want to make better strength and muscle gains in the gym, increase performance or challenge yourself to meet bigger goals. If so, Amino Acids and muscle growth do go hand in hand.  So we are going to go over how they work to build muscle […]

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Protein Powder That Doesn’t Cause Bloating – Because Who Wants To Bloat

  Protein powder is essential for muscle development and post exercise muscle recovery.  Getting these essential Amino Acids (protein building blocks) is vital for your muscles recover and rebuild stronger, so you can lift, run or push harder the next time.  These supplements are a healthy source of protein and other nutrients that your body […]

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What is Post Workout Protein – Improve Your Health and Your Gains

I’m going to switch directions a little bit from my typical pre workout supplement post.  Reason being, post workout protein supplements are just as important, if not more important for a well rounded workout routine because it jump starts your recovery. Pre workout and post workout supplements are kind of the Ying and Yang of […]

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