C4 Pre workout Ingredients – Know What’s in It

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Whether you are interested specifically in the C4 line of pre workouts or just want to know more about pre workout ingredients in general, the research in this post will have all of the valuable information that you need to know.

C4 Pre Workout Supplements are some of the most widely known pre workouts in the world.  I accredit this mainly to their excellent advertising, as well as a great product to back it up.

The manufacturer of C4 is Cellucor, they are known for making many different kinds of nutritional supplements.  Because of the popularity, reviews and price point , I chose to research the ingredients in this particular product.

Being a large well know company, they have plenty of financing to pay for research and development that is needed to come up with the best quality ingredients and the correct blend of ratios to make a potent, well rounded pre workout

C4 has many options available in pre workouts depending on what your exercise needs are.  C4 Original is the best selling in this Cellucor line.  We will be using C4 Original in this post to as a standard to research the ingredients, since this one is the most widely used.  The majority of the other Cellucor line of pre workouts all have very similar ingredients except for a few changes.

So we are going to look deeper into the active ingredients used in C4.  This will include checking along the way to see if there are any “not so effective” components or chemicals to watch out for.

Lastly, I will show you the least expensive price on C4 and other Cellucor products.  If you are planning on purchasing a C4 product, I hope that this post has help to send you in the right direction.

The Manufacturercellucor-c4-pre-workout

We know that Cellucor is an US based company that has been around for 15 years.  C4 is the largest selling pre workout in the world.  C4 pre workout supplements are even in my rotation of pre workouts that i take.  I will be doing a personal review on one of the Cellular line products soon.

Keep in mind that there are many other great brands out there.  Just because C4 is so popular, it is not for everybody.  If you don’t get the effects out of this brand that you are looking for, there are many other great pre workouts out there.c4-energy-drink

Cellucor and C4 is available at most big box stores and online retailers.  The other brands besides C4 Original are C4 Extreme, C4 Extreme Energy, C4 Ultimate, C4 Ripped C4 Sport and various supplements directed at weight loss containing some of the basic ingredients.  They even have a C4 Carbonated Energy drink pictured to your right.

These other C4 lines are mostly just different variations of the Original.  I will briefly go into some of the differences later.  If you would like more information on C4 and Cellulor, their website is cellucor.com.



Keep in mind that none of Cellucors products are FDA approved, as are none of the other pre workouts available.  This is the norm in weight training supplements, and not out of the ordinary in this industry.

Getting to the C4 Ingredientsc4-ingredients

The C4 website shows all of their ingredient list for each product.  However, they don’t tell you anything about what the benefits are for your workout routine.  So let’s take a look.

Pictured to the left is the Supplemental Facts label from a can of C4 Original.  Let’s go first to the bottom of the label where is says explosive energy blend.  This is one of the most important parts of this pre workout because this is where most of the energy comes from.  The Caffeine Anhydrous at 150mg is a fair amount.  This is accompanied by another source of Caffeine called Theacrine (or TeaCrine).

The Anhydrous part just means that it is a dehydrated form of Caffeine.  I have seen pre workout supplements as high as 500Mg, which would be too high fo most.  High quantities of Caffeine can give you some very uncomfortable feelings.  I talk more about these affects in my post on Are Pre Workouts Bad.

I am impressed that C4 can provide such a strong kick with only 150mg of Caffeine.  Caffeine is not bad for you if taken properly.  It’s the best ingredient available for providing you with energy and motivation.  You can feel this ingredient working in your head and body more noticeably than any other in a pre workout supplement.

There is one more product listed that boosts your Caffeine just a bit more.  It is called Teacrine, and is a natural product which is extracted from the tea leaf.  Teacrine is used to boost energy and for improved motivation.  Lately, I’ve been seeing this ingredient used in many other pre workout brands.

There are several different Amino Acids provided here.  These are proteins which is a building block for protein synthesis and developing muscle.  One of the most important Amino Acids listed here is Beta Alanine.  This is very important for workout routine because it improves athletic performance, exercise capacity and  builds lean muscle mass.  This is the ingredient that will sometimes will give you that harmless head tingling feeling.

Arginine alpha Ketoglutarate is one thing that I don’t feel is not needed in C4.  This product is heavily marketed for weight training.  However, there doesn’t seem to be any solid proof that it helps with muscle strength.  This is an Amino Acid that is found naturally in the body, so there is nothing bad about taking it.

As with most pre workouts, they have added vitamins.  These include Vitamin B6 and B12 which are a great natural source of energy.  The Niacin and Folic Acid are both just names for other B Vitamins.

The final heavy hitter is Creatine Nitrate.  Creatine is known for improving muscle strength and athletic performance.  It is also a key component in muscle recovery.  There has been more research on this product when it comes to muscle development that any other.

sucralose-pre-workoutOther non-active ingredients.  Malic Acid is just a flavoring agent and Citric Acid is a preservative.  The only unhealthy thing that I see so far is the artificial color(FD&C Red #40).  Sucralose is an artificial zero calorie product that is made from sugar.

There is much debate about the possible dangers of this ingredient.  I wouldn’t worry about the coloring and sugar too much, since you will be ingesting only small amounts of pre workout powder.  To get away from this, you would need to look into “All Natural” pre workouts or “Organic” pre workouts.

Best Place to Purchase C4 Original

C4 is available almost every where, from Walmart to GNC and from Ebay to Amazon.  The place that I found the best price for C4 Original is on Amazon  for a 3.26 ounce container.  I’ve got the Amazon Prime membership so shipping is free, otherwise it is only about $10.

pre-workout-returnsIt is also important to know that they also have a 30 day warranty on these workout supplements.  If you don’t care for it for any reason you can return it. This enables you to try as many of them necessary until you get the one that works best for your workout routine.

Other Cellular C4 LinesC4-ultimate-shred

I had mentioned earlier that there are sever other C4 products besides the original, though C4 Original is still the best selling.  These are C4 Ripped, C4 Extreme, C4 Extreme Energy, C4 Ultimate, and C4 Sport.

I don’t have the space to review the line items from all of these lines, but maybe another time.  Here is a brief rundown.

The big difference in C4 Ripped is that it is Creatine Free. C4 Sport had a lower level of Caffeine as is advertised more toward women.  C4 Extreme Energy is the amped up version with more Caffeine and Amino Acids.  C4 Ultimate Shred is to burn more calories and lose fat. 

It seems that the C4 Original is a very well rounded pre workout based on the amounts of the different ingredients.  If you are interested in any of the C4 sister products that we talked about, give them a try.  C4 prices are very reasonable and will run between   There is something to be said about simplicity.  Another difference is the price point.  These other C4’s range from $20 and $40 with the exception of Ultimate Shred.

The Ripped Conclusion

c4-original-pre-workoutThe ingredients in C4 Original seem to be a great working combination. I guess it should be, being the biggest pre workout manufacturer.  I was impressed that C4, although packing such a punch has only 150mg of Caffeine when other competitors have twice as much or more.

The one thing that C4 doesn’t have yet is a Caffeine Free version.  If you are interested in the brands that offer Caffeine Free pre workouts click here.

The ingredients of pre workout supplements in general are not FDA approved including C4.  Because of this, it is best to break down pre workout ingredients line by line to see what you are really getting.  After going through the C4 ingredients, it looks like we are all clear.

I don’t see anything that raises any red flags.  Most of the ingredients come from natural rather than man made products and many of these occur naturally.

C4 keeps it simple with it’s ingredient list, and I think this is a good thing. Sucralose, which is an artificial sugar, is actually derived from sugar and we are not yet sure of any long term effects  The artificial coloring is found in food everywhere, but in pre workout very little of it is consumed.  I will be doing some more C4 pre workout reviews in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  If you have any questions about pre workout ingredients or would llike to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.meditate

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