C4 Pre Workout Drink Review – For Energy “On the Go”

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C4 pre workout drink - can of C4 energy drink

Product:   C4 Original Pre Workout Drink
Price Range:   $$
Container size:  Pack of 12 – 16oz cans
Quantity of Caffeine:  200mg
Rating:  4.4 out of 5
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Manufacturer:  Cellucor at cellucor.com

Introducing the C4 Pre Workout Carbonated Drink, the zero-calorie pre workout energy drink when you are “On the Go”.  Packed with 200mg of Caffeine and plenty of Amino Acids for muscle performance just like the C4 Original powder form.  C4 pre workout energy drink is one of the great pre workout supplements made by Cellucor.

Because we are a nation “on the go”, this premixed pre workout can be that missing piece when you don’t have time to go home and mix your pre workout powder.  I’ll be giving you the ins and outs and the pros and cons of this pre workout drink.

C4 energy drink ingredients come together for what C4 calls the “explosive performance energy blend”.   This blend provides extreme energy, workout performance, muscle endurance, and focus.

You can also get this same drink in a bottle that is noncarbonated, called C4 Explosive Energy.  C4 Ultimate pre workout drink is an even stronger premixed, carbonated blend in a can.  Lastly, I will be telling you about some of my hands-on experience and reviews on several products from the C4 pre workout line.


C4 pre workout drink - close up of can

C4 Pre Workout Drink Overview

C4 pre workout drink - me holding C4 pre workout drinkThe C4 Original Carbonated drink (in the yellow can) is modeled after C4 Original pre workout powder version which is the #1 selling pre workout in the world.

C4 pre workouts bring their performance advantages to almost any sports including running, cycling, Cross-fit, weight lifting, and any other high intensity exercise.

I know first hand how a good pre workout can make the difference between getting a decent workout and a great one.  C4 will give you the energy, strength, motivation, and performance that you need to get your most intense workout.

I have been using C4 pre workout supplements on and off for as long as they have been around.  The pre workout drink in a can is a newer concept.

C4 pre workout drink - shaker with C4 pre workoutIt most likely has evolved from the popularity of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks.  They took this idea and added there special blend of Amino Acids to give you better muscle performance.

Mixing my pre workout powder myself is still my preferred way to take my pre workout.  This way I can control the amount and strength of my drink depending on how I feel that day.  However, I use this more convenient way to get my pre workout energy when I need it.

Another reason I like this concept is that there is alway an easy for me to come up with an excuse not to hit the gym on the way home.  Dang, I forgot my headphones or oh well, my pre workout is at home.  If you get my drift.


C4 Pre Workout Drink Review

C4 pre workout drink - me holding C4 on the goFirst of all, I enjoy the carbonated, in the can version of this product much better than the C4 On the Go non-carbonated bottle.  I’m not a carbonation junky, but I feel like it gives me more of a jolt and it just tastes crisper.

The C4 flavor is right on track.  I’ve used both the Midnight Cherry and Frozen Bombsicle, and I’m looking forward to trying the cotton candy flavor.  It is available in 8 flavors in all, if you can find them.

Surprisingly enough, for a sugar-free drink, it was not overly sweet.  I say this because many times the products sweetened with the zero-calorie Sucrolose overdo it.

This is one of my supplement “taste” pet peeves when they over sweeten it or has too strong of a flavor.  Perhaps the carbonation is in part to blame for this smoother taste.

C4 Ultimate Pre Workout - lightening boltC4 pre workout energy contains 200mg of  Caffeine.  I’ve been using pre workouts for years, so I will usually have more of a tolerance for the large amounts of  Caffeine often found in pre workouts.  But just be aware of this.  C4 Ultimate Energy “On the Go”  in the black can has a whopping 300mg.

C4 took around 25 minutes until I started to get that rush of energy throughout my body.  This is about the average amount of time for a pre workout.  This C4 drink definitely gives me the energy and performance that I’m looking for in a good pre workout.

It seems to have the same muscle endurance qualities as the other C4’s as well as keeping my muscles from fatiguing as easily.  I’m impressed with the price for convenience averaging out to around $3.00 per can, about the same price as other popular energy drinks.  On the other hand, the C4 pre workout powder is closer to $1.00 per serving.


Check Price on C4 12-Pack Cans


Pros and Cons Of C4 Pre Workout Drink

C4 Drink Benefits

c4 energy drink - man drinkingThe most important thing about any pre workout supplement is the energy and performance that you get from it.  As I had mentioned, that 200mg of Caffeine should be more than enough to get anyone going.  This pre workout drink also has enough Amino Acids to provide the proper muscle pump, increased strength, and endurance for a great workout.

Thes Amino Acids (which promote protein synthesis) will speed up muscle recovery between sets or exercises.  This allows you to go full strength for a longer period of time without fatigue.

I have already mentioned the reasonable price tag and the convenience of a premixed drink.  Also, the great flavor and carbonation helps to earn this drink 5 star reviews.

Another plus about C4 is that after drinking this powerful pre workout, I was still able to get a good night’s sleep.  I feel like much of the Caffeine burns off during an intense workout, but just don’t take any pre workout supplement close to bedtime.

C4 Drink Negatives

c4 pre workout drink - caffeine signOne thing to watch out for with C4 or any other pre workout, is that we tend to build up a tolerance to the Caffeine.  This means that we may need to take more and more to get the same effects. If this happens, I recommend taking a break from pre workouts for a short time or simply switch brands.  Another trick for this is to only use a pre workout on the days that you need it the most, such as leg day.

C4 pre workout drink does contain some artificial flavors and colors.  Sucralose is not a natural sweetener either. Personally, I am not too concerned with this since I only take a small amount a couple of times a week.  If you don’t want artificial ingredients in your diet, I would encourage you to try an All Natural or an Organic Pre Workout Supplement.

 C4 pre workout drink - FDA logoNone of the C4 products or any other brands have FDA approved pre workouts.  Exercise supplements are not inspected by the FDA.  However, the FDA approves the individual ingredients contained in pre workout supplements.  And the FDA will take a pre workout supplement of the market if it is deemed harmful.

If you have any questions or comments about C4 pros and cons, please leave a comment at the bottom and I will respond.


C4 Energy Drink Reviews

C4 Pre Workout Drink is a super popular product and evidence of this is the over 484 customer ratings as of this writing. Below is a screenshot of one of those reviews from a verified purchaser. You can click on the image to see more verified customer reviews.

C4 pre workout energy drink - amazon review for c4 energy drink


C4 pre workout drink nutritional facts



C4 Energy Drink Ingredients

Pictured to the right is the Nutrition Facts label from a can of C4 original pre workout.  I’ll break these down so you will know how each one helps to enhance your workout.  The Cellucor website also goes into detail with their ingredients.

Although C4 pre workout drinks are not quite as packed with Amino Acids as their some of their powder forms, they still contain the basics to get the increased exercise performance required.

Caffeine Anhydrous

C4 has Caffeine Anhydrous which is a name of a form of dehydrated Caffeine.  Caffeine is the best, safe natural stimulant for energy that you can get.  It is proven to increase focus and stamina which is vital for an intense workout.  Caffeine is also proven to have thermogenic effects whereas it can help you burn calories at a much higher rate for fat loss.

If you have a Caffeine allergy or are Caffeine intolerant, this can give you anxiety, nausea, and the jitters.  Caffeine Free Pre Workouts are available.


This ingredient is one of the many Amino Acids contained in C4.  Amino Acids are the building blocks for protein synthesis and muscle development.

Beta-Alanine is very important for any workout routine since it improves athletic performance, helps to build lean muscle mass and increases exercise capacity.  This Amino is what sometimes gives you that harmless tingling feeling throughout your body.


C4 pre workout drink - creatine powder scoopThese are two Amino Acids that support mental and cognitive health while performing stressful activities.  They also work as an antioxidant in your muscles to increase performance.


This Amino Acid supports an increase in Nitric Oxide levels.  Nitric Oxide is the form that is synthesized from L-Citrulline.  This is what causes increased blood flow know as vascularization.  It brings the much needed nutrients and oxygen to your muscle tissue at a faster rate.  This effect will keep your muscles from fatiguing and as well as helping them to recover quicker between sets.

BetaPower Betaine

Betaine is a chemical compound that maintains your cells’ electrolyte concentration as well as supporting hydration.  It also works as a diet supplement for weight loss.

Vitamin B’s

c4 pre workout drink - scientists in a labC4 also provides additional vitamins.  They include Vitamin B12 and B6 which are a great natural source of energy.  Niacin and Folic Acid are other names for B Vitamins.  This amount of B vitamins is more than a daily recommended allowance.

Inactive ingredients

is a flavoring agent and Citric Acid is a preservative.  This includes natural and artificial colors including (FD&C Red #40) which is a standard food coloring.  Sucralose is an artificial zero-calorie sweetener made from sugar.  There are mixed theories on how good this sweetener is for long term use.

If you have any questions or comments about C4 ingredients, please leave them at the bottom of the page and I will respond.


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C4 pre workout drink - C4 ultimate on the go cans

The C4 Family of Pre Workouts

C4 by Cellucor also manufactures protein powders and Intra Workout BCAA’s.  They are not known for these as of yet, so I will stick to their pre workout selections for now.  As far as their pre workout products, there are too many to talk about at this time.  I’ll give a brief discussion of their best selling, all of which I have tried.  Most of these C4 products contain zero sugar or calories.

C4 Pre Workout Drink Review - c4 original container

C4 Original Pre Workout

This is the powder form of the C4 “On the Go” version.  It is their longest selling, most popular product.    Although the powder does not have the convenience of a premixed, the advantage is that you can control the strength and taste of the mixture yourself.  This is what I prefer most of the time. C4 Original utilizes the basic key ingredients in a pre workout, unlike the following C4 products.

C4 Ultimate Pre Workout

Ultimate is a step up from C4 Original for a couple of reasons.  One is the larger amount of Caffeine at 300mg.  In addition C4 Original, Ultimate also has Creatine, Nitric Oxide, and  Teacrine.  This comes in a premixed carbonated “On the Go” as well.

C4 Ultimate Shred Pre WorkoutC4 pre workout drink - C4 Ultimate Shred

Shred contains the same ingredients as the other C4 products but adds several more thermogenic ingredients to its blend.  Using any pre workout for exercise increases your calorie burn at a very high rate, but even better in this one.

I really like the idea of a pre workout fat burner.  Ultimate Shred costs a little more but well worth it depending on your exercise goals.

C4 Gummies and Shot Rocks

C4 pre workout drink - C4 gummiesThese are a couple of interesting pre workout products that I haven’t seen any other companies duplicate yet.   One of them is C4 Energy Gummies.  I am really into gummy bears as it is, so I thought that this was a great invention.  Each container contains 30 Energy Gummies that contain the same C4 Original Energy Performance Blend.

The other product that I think is novel is C4 Shot Rocks.  Just like it sounds, the energy rocks pop in your mouth.  Try to keep these away from your kids.

Other pre workouts are C4 Ripped, C4 Extreme, C4 Extreme Energy, and C4 Sport.  I may be reviewing any one of these at a later date.  All of these products can be very confusing for anyone.  I would just stick to their basic products for now, and align them with your exercise goals.


See My Review on C4 Ultimate Shred


The Energetic Conclusion

C4 pre workout drink - cans of C4 energy drinkIf you are looking for pre workout energy “On the Go”, I recommend giving the carbonated, pre-mixed C4 Energy Drink a try.  This is hands down better than any other store bought “energy drink because it is aimed at promoting exercise performance.  This will give you the energy, motivation, strength, and performance needed to get that intense workout.

C4 Original pre workout drink is the best alternative to get your pre workout energy if you don’t have the place or the time to mix your pre workout using the powder form.

C4 Original Energy Drink contains the similar blend of Caffeine and Amino Acids as C4 Original powder, the best selling pre workout worldwide.   If you insist on using the powder form, I recommend carrying your powder and shaker with you and mixing it in the gym parking lot.

C4 pre workout drink - can of C4 energy drinkThe only real “con” I could find with this drink is that it contains some artificial ingredients.  If you are trying to stay away from these ingredients, there are some great “All Natural” Pre Workouts available.  However, I feel that the benefits far outweigh any negatives and that this energy drink is safe and healthy choice.

C4 is not an FDA approved pre workout since there is no such thing as this.  However, the individual ingredients are monitored.  If any pre workout was ever deemed unsafe, the FDA will pull it from the shelves.

Make sure that your body is up the 200mg of Caffeine, or the 300mg if you decide to try the “Ultimate”.  Don’t forget to give some of the other C4 products a try.  I have several of C4 reviews on this website for these.

If you have any other questions or comments on C4 in general or the C4 Energy Drink, please leave them in the box below and I will respond.


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C4 Pre Workout Drink












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