C4 Energy Drink Reviews – “On the Go” Pre Workout Energy

C4 energy drink - cans of C4Because we are a nation on the go, I decided to review the C4 Energy Drink in a can.  C4 is one of the top pre workout supplements on the market, and it also comes in a pre-mixed, ready to drink option.

Since I’ve been using nutritional supplements for most of my life, I’m accustomed to using them in a particular way.  This usually means measuring and making my pre workout drinks to the strength that I like them, at my house using pre workout powder, water and ice.  Today I’m going to step “out of the box” in this review.

Not long ago, I did a C4 review post for C4 Original Pre Workout.  This comes in the powder form, and I was pleasantly surprised by the energy and performance that it gave me.

However, its time to try the more convenient and faster way to get pre workout energy.  After all, if the distance to my fitness destination or the difficulty in preparing to get there is prolonged, the less of a chance that I will go thus affecting my fitness goals.

Now C4 Original Pre Workout now has several different variations of it’s powders as well as canned or bottled “on the go” options.  They even have a formula for weight loss and fat burning.  I will discuss the differences between them to help in making a discussion on which one to purchase.

Pre workouts such as C4 give energy, provide more strength and better performance for almost any sport.  This includes not only weight lifting, but also running, cycling, cross-fit and any other high intensity exercise.  It’s a must have for my more intense training sessions, so let’s take a look at another great pre workout product.



Product:   C4 Original Carbonated Zero Sugar Energy Drink
Where to Purchase:   Get the Best Amazon Price on C4 Energy Drink Here
Container size:  Pack of 12 – 16oz cans
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
Rating:  4.2 out of 5
Cellucor at cellucor.com
Pros:    Zero sugar.  Comes in 8 different flavors.  Convenient for when you’re “on the go”.
Cons:   With this convenience factor, comes a little higher price point.  If you are sensitive to Caffeine, this pre workout may not be right for you.  If this is the case, there are Caffeine Free pre workout options.

My C4 Energy Drink Review

Since I can’t try all of the C4 pre-mixed flavors and options at one time, for the sake of this review I decided to get two of the most popular ones.

One is the C4 Original Carbonated Zero Sugar Energy Drink for when you’re “on the go”  The C4 Original powder version is the #1 selling pre workout in the world.  My other purchase is the C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Energy which costs a little more, but I like that it is amped up with additional energy and Amino Acids.

The flavor that I ended up with for the C4 Original was Midnight Cherry.   This is a carbonated drink  that is available in eight other flavors.  It was not overly carbonated, and this carbonation seems to make it more refreshing to drink.

Since I usually don’t use Zero Sugar drinks, I was interested in how strong the sweetness was going to be.  C4 Zero Energy is sweetened by Sucralose, which is a popular ingredient many pre workout supplements.

My “taste” pet peeve is an overly sweetened product, and fortunately this was was not.  Perhaps this is in part, that the carbonation cut down on the sweetness.  Although it doesn’t taste exactly like a midnight cherry (whatever that is), the cherry flavor was on point for a pre workout product.c4-on-the-go

Let’s talk about the most important part, the energy and performance that came from my C4 workout.  About 25 minutes after taking my C4 drink, I felt that first energy rush go through my body and head.  This gave me a jump start to begin pushing myself harder, and provided that additional motivation.

I felt stronger as my muscles started getting pumped up.  This means that the C4 was working.  The energy affected my performance positively, and the Amino Acids (which promote protein synthesis) helped to recover quicker between each exercise.  This is my favorite thing that comes from a pre workout.  This muscle recovery between “sets” helps me to hit it harder and longer with less fatigue.

The Caffeine was not overpowering, but at the same time it provided the energy that I needed throughout my workout.  The best part about the C4 energy, was that I was able to have a good nights sleep afterwards.  This is not always the case with some pre workouts,and this can be the most miserable side effect.

Please let me know if you had a good or bad experience on you first time with C4 Energy Drink.  You can leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

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C4 Original Energy Drink Ingredients

I won’t go into all of the C4 ingredients, as I recently researched this in my C4 Pre Workout Ingredients post.  However, there are slight differences in their “On the Go” C4 versions.

C4 is about the strongest pre workout supplement on the market, but their pre mixed drink ingredients are slightly less potent.  I’m not exactly sure why, but by my standards the pre workout drink was still strong enough to give me the energy and performance necessary.

The B vitamins which are for natural energy are close to the same quantities.  Some of these B vitamins go by different names such as Niacin and Folic Acid in the list of ingredients.C4-ingredients

The “explosive energy blend” shows more Caffeine in the C4 drink, but the C4 powder makes up for this with Theacrine which is a natural Caffeine stimulant.  So these two energy blends workout to be very similar.

The C4 drink does not contain Creatine as the powder form does.  Creatine is supposed to create muscle mass, though there are mixed reviews on how effective in it.  Many people’s bodies are intolerant to Creatine, therefore needing a Creatine Free Pre Workout Supplement.

The final difference between the powder and the pre-mixed drink is that the C4 drink is absent of Arginine.  This is an Amino Acid that changes into Nitric Oxide as you exercise.  It is a key ingredient to provide vascularizion which helps to bring nutrients to your muscles more quickly

I guess this may be the only thing that I’m disappointed about, though I didn’t notice it missing during my C4 drink review workout.  I have a feeling that this ingredients doesn’t do well in this pre-mixed formula.

Interesting C4 “On the Go” Products

c4-ultimate-drinkAs I mentioned earlier, I has also purchased the C4 Extreme Energy Drink in the Arctic Snow Cone flavor. This contains stronger ingredients that I’m looking forward to, especially on a dreary day.  A review for this C4 Ultimate Energy Drink will be coming up in the near future.

An additional pre-mixed C4 option is a non-carbonated C4 Ultimate version called C4 Ultimate “On the Go” Pre Workout Energy Drink, it comes with exellent reviews and I’ve heard the Orange is the best flavor.  It has the same key ingredients as the carbonated version that I tried.C4-gummies

C4 has a couple more very interesting pre workout energy product that sound like something that I would enjoy.  One of them is C4 Energy Gummies (I love gummies)  It contains 30 Energy Gummies.  The other is C4 Shot Rocks which is just like it sounds, popping energy rocks.


If you need pre workout energy on the go, I recommend giving pre-mixed C4 Energy Drink a try.  I believe that this is the best aternative for pre workout energy if you don’t have the time or the place to mix your pre workout in the powder form.

c4-energy-drinkFrom this review, I feel like the C4 Energy Drink passed the test.  It has most of the same potent pre workout ingredients as other products in the well known C4 line.  The pre-mixed drink has a slightly different formula, but still provides the key ingredients necessary for an intense exercise routine.

The C4 Pre Workout Powder form is a less expensive, stronger alternative, but it doesn’t have the convenience factor since it requires to be mixed with water and a shaker.  My solution for the pre workout powder form, would be to carry your powder and shaker with you in the car and mix it in the parking lot.

However, I think that the C4 Energy Drink is still a more convenient option, a great product too have in addition to the traditional pre workout.

C4 Energy Drink has been developed for both men or women, even though our bodies are made differently.  C4 may be a little high on the Caffeine side, so if you are Caffeine intolerant so a Caffeine Free brand may be better for you.

Don’t forget to try the C4 Energy Gummies and the C4 Pop Rocks, popping energy rocks!

If you have any questions or comments on C4 in general or the C4 Energy Drink, please leave them in the box below and I will respond.


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