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Beyond Raw “LIT” is a fairly well known and advertised pre workout exercise supplement. But does it live up to its claims? This Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout review will reveal all that you need to know about this popular workout supplement.

I’ll discuss the LIT pre workout benefits as well as any potential negatives. This includes its effective ingredients, effects, value, my results, and its overall ratings.

Beyond Raw LIT Product Overview

The product name, “Beyond Raw” is made by its parent company, General Nutrition Centers, which is a well known and quality name in the nutritional and exercise supplement game.

In general, GNC has a good reputation in the health and nutrition industry for many of its products. When talking about supplements as a whole, this a mostly unregulated industry. However, Beyond Raw has stood the test of time which is a huge plus.

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Caffeine Quantity: 250mg
Number of Servings: 30
Price: $$ (Check Current Price)
Our Rating: 8.7 out of 10

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review

I come across this product quite a bit while working in this industry, so I thought it justified to do a hands-on pre workout review. I would consider this a mid-priced pre workout since these supplements can average in price between $20 and $50. At around $40 for a container of Beyond Raw, 30 servings come out to less than $1.50 per serving.

Serving Size

Since I’m a huge fan of gummy bears, I chose the “Gummy Worm” flavor made from both natural and artificial flavorings. I personally started out with a full serving, but recommend less than this the first time if you don’t use a lot of pre workouts.

The directions are to mix one scoop to 8oz of cold water, however, I don’t feel the exact amount of water is critical.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review - me making Beyond Raw LIT


LIT pre workout mixed well and fruity tasting but didn’t seem like any particular gummy flavor that I can describe.

It is sweetened with Sucralose which is the norm these days unless you are talking about “All Natural” pre workouts (these usually contain Stevia). Fortunately, this formula it wasn’t overbearingly sweet.

Pre Workout Effects

Within about 30 minutes the pre workout signature of a head tingle was kicking in. I could feel the muscle pump as well which is the most noticeable sign of a good pre workout.

When this happens, it means that the blood is pumping faster and more heavily throughout the system and into the muscles. This brings nutrients and oxygen to them at a quicker rate which, in turn, supports strength, muscle performance, and muscle growth.

Beyond LIT pre workout brought noticeable more endurance to my lifting exercises with quicker recovery between sets. The ingredients lasted sufficiently throughout my intense workout while at the same time, didn’t give me any of the bad pre workout side effects such as the jitters.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review - Beyond Raw LIT - Jolly Rancher Green Apple review - Beyond Raw LIT jolly rancher

My Verdict

Based on this fitness test, Beyond Raw LIT performed as well as some of the best pre workout supplements that I’ve tried. I don’t feel that 250mg made this pre workout over Caffeinated. Some high caffeine pre workouts are overdone and can have up to double the quantity of this one. Keep in mind that no matter what the pre workout caffeine content, don’t ever drink these too close to bedtime.

As for my Beyond Raw pre workout review, I found that “GNC LIT” pre workout gave me plenty of energy and the extra muscle performance to get me through this workout more easily. Its key effective ingredients helped keep me more focused while providing that additional extra exercise motivation.


Beyond LIT Positives

  • Doesn’t contain any proprietary blends
  • 250mg of Caffeine is a good mid-range amount
  • An effective dosage of L-Citrulline
  • A recognized name in the industry
  • Comes in up to 10 different flavors
  • Low calorie, low carb, low sugar

Potential Negatives

  • Artificial color and flavoring
  • Priced a little higher than average

Beyond Raw LIT Ingredients

Beyond Raw claims to be a “clinically dosed” pre workout that is based on science. Next I review the active ingredients so you can see for yourself. I will say that the Beyond Raw pre workout ingredients are comparable to the other effective pre workout supplements on the market.

Although there is no such thing as an FDA approved pre workout, these supplements usually revolve around only two main products, caffeine and amino acids. Many brands like this one will also contain some of their own “signature” ingredients under a registered trademark. Usually, these are simply different combinations of aminos and natural energy supplements.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review - Beyond Raw LIT ingredient label

Energy and Mental Intensity Blend – 5.2 grams

This blend is where the majority of energy and focus comes from, though some of these ingredients will overlap with the effects from the pump and support matrix.

LIT has a mid to high caffeine pre workout content since its 250 mg is equal to around 2.5 cups of coffee. The “NeuroFactor” ingredient is there to help bring energy and better brain health. This natural ingredient comes from the rind fruits of the coffee bean.

ElevATP is another natural ingredient that comes from a concentrated form of certain plants. Its is know to have cognitive effects and provide increased focus. This is sometimes one of the effective ingredients in some non-stimulant pre workouts.

CarnoSyn beta-alanine is a very well known amino acid that you will find in almost any decent pre workout. It’s clinically shown to increase muscle carnosine levels for key muscle function which is a major performance factor.

Pump and N.O. Support Matrix – 4.5 grams

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review - Beyond Raw LIT on my table

This matrix literally gets your blood pumping. At 3g of L-Citrulline and 1.5 grams of L-Arginine, per serving, this clinically dosed pre-workout formula synthesis from amino acid form into nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide support is a critical factor and is required in the best pre workout supplements. These amino acids are a natural and effective way to supply your muscles with more nutrients and oxygen.

This gives you the muscle pump which increases strength, keeps muscles from getting tired, and increases recovery time. Many times you will feel this amino as a head tingle when the pre workout kicks in.

Other Ingredients

Its necessary for pre workouts to contain other non-active ingredients. These include preservatives, flavoring, and coloring. Beyond Raw LIT uses Sucralose which is an artificial sugar but developed from real sugar. You will find Sucralose to be the most popular sweetener in the supplement industry.

The 10 different Beyond Raw LIT flavors available are made with both natural and artificial flavorings. Lastly, this pre workout contains small amounts of food coloring, an industry-standard unless we’re talking about organic pre workouts.


This is really my only negative to this formula since I’m big into pre workouts with creatine. Of course, this is not mandatory. Most pre workouts that contain creatine don’t even come with the clinical 5 grams per serving anyway.

However, both creatine HCL and monohydrate are some of the most heavily proven supplements when it comes to boosting strength and muscle mass. Because of this, I would encourage you to try a creatine supplement in addition to your pre workout.


Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Reviews

“LIT” is a very popular pre workout supplement for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and with other performance based athletes. Evidence of why people love it is seen in the many Beyond LIT Reviews. Click on the rating below to see others like it.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review - Beyond Raw LIT - Jolly Rancher Green Apple review

LIT AF Pre Workout

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review  - Beyond Raw LIT AF

If you would like to take your pre workout energy one step further, try Beyond Raw LIT AF “advanced formula”. This provides more power, pumps, and endurance. The additional performance comes from a larger quantity of caffeine and more concentrated amino acids.

300mg of caffeine isn’t that much more than the standard LIT at 250mg. So if you are happy with the regular version, I would recommend sticking to it since more caffeine is not always better.

When it comes to amino acids, more certainly can’t hurt. Beyond Raw AF Pre Workout contains 5 grams more L-Citrulline per serving than the original.

This may make the regular Beyond Raw recipe seem weak, but there are mixed thoughts on what is the perfect amount. LIT AF Pre Workout contains something called PeakATP, which is supposed to help with increased pump.

This Advanced Formula version may or may not be worth the extra $10 per container. But if you feel the need for a little more push, give it a try.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Wrap Up

All in all, this effective pre workout, performs as the product says. The impressive ingredient list tells most of the story, but now I have hands-on proof for its energy, focus, and pump. Gummy worm flavor was different in a good way and hit the spot, and the taste was not overly sweet.

Beyond Raw LIT is clinically formulated with the right amount of amino acids that can increase strength and endurance as well as improve exercise performance. 250mg of caffeine was perfect for me, but beware if you are caffeine intolerant.

For a quality pre workout by a solid name in the industry, put it on your list to try Beyond Raw LIT Original or Beyond Raw AF.

If you have any questions or comments on this Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout review, please leave a message below and I will respond.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout






Focus and Energy







  • 250mg of Caffeine
  • 3grams Citrulline, 3.2grams Beta-Alanine
  • No proprietary blends
  • Up to 10 flavors
  • Low calorie, low carb, low sugar


  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Price higher than the average

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