The 10 Best Workout Accessories for the Gym in 2021

I’m always reviewing the best exercise equipment for the home gym, but what about the other necessities you need to go with them. We will cover some of these key items in this 10 best workout accessories for the gym review.

When you are using your home gym weight benches and squat racks, what about your wrist wraps and knee sleeves. What is the best type of weightlifting shoes or weight belt?

Below are some of the most important and popular weightlifting accessories to perform your workouts safely and securely.

The 10 Best Workout Accessories for the Gym

Here are my reviews that also include the best workout accessories for weightlifting. This is written to help you choose the right one for your needs. I have drawn the line at right around $50 for these accessories as I think if you are spending more than that it may not be worth the extra cost.

Best Wrist Wraps

Best wrist wraps - Rogue Wrist Wraps

Rogue Wrist Wraps

These Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps are affordable yet long-lasting and under $20. They come in 3 different sizes according to your wrist diameter. Workout accessories for men like this one can also be worn on some women’s wrists as well.

Rogue wraps include a thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure as an option. Their wraps are secure, easy to adjust and you can put them on and remove quickly. Their are multiple color choices, now up to 6 different ones.

Best Knee Sleeves for Squats

Best Knee Sleeves - RehBand Knee Sleeves

RehBand RX Knee Sleeves

This is a well known brand in the weightlifting industry for knee and elbow sleeves because of their excellent fit and comfort. Choose your size and your thickness according to your style of lifting.

These are made for heavy lifting with its Neoprene blend material your covered on joint compression, warmth, and stability. They offer colors from pink to blue to camo and every size from XS to 2XL. Keep in mind that these knee compression sleeves are sold individually.

Best Arm Sleeves

Best elbow sleeves - RehBand Elbow Sleeve

RehBand RX Elbow Sleeves

Since we are already on the quality of the RehBand athletic sleeves, I thought we should continue on with their elbow sleeves. Unlike their knee sleeves, the RehBand Elbow Sleeves are only made in 5mm thickness to ensure the best stability and flexibility at the same time.

These are the best compression arm sleeves for controlled power and safety.  They are made for heavy lifting, cross-training, cardio, and most fitness activities. Size increments are from XS through XL and they are sold individually.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Best lifting gloves - Nike Fitness Gloves

Nike Men’s Premium Wristwrap Fitness Gloves

These Nike fitness gloves are extremely comfortable and can be used for most any sport. The palms have a high-density foam padding to keep it flexible yet still allow them to be protected during heavy lifting.

The built in elastic wrist wraps keep your wrist joints stable as well as keeping the gloves securely on the hands. For the ladies, there are Nike Women’s Fitness Gloves, an almost identical pair in a reddish pink for about $5.00 less.

Best Weightlifting Belt

Best weightlifting belt - Ethos weightlifting belt

Ethos Weightlifting Belt

This makes the list because it’s difficult to find a quality lifting belt for under $30. Leather lifting belts tend to bind and become uncomfortable, but not with this nylon lifting belt.

The 5″ padding offers support and comfort making this a great belt for heavy lifting. Their Ethos Lifting Belt comes in 4 different sizes, S-XL.

Best PowerLifting Straps

Schiek power lifting wraps


These heavy-duty lifting straps are made out of tough nylon acrylic webbing and soft neoprene for wrist support. Schiek powerlifting straps are a two-in-one design with both straps and wraps for extra comfort and support. They are just waiting for your world record deadlift to happen.

The strap part is one foot long and the wrist support is secure, but quick release at the same time. They are cost efficient and long lasting. These are the bests lifting straps for the money and also come in black, black and blue, and black and red.

Best Headbands for Working Out

Best headbands for working out - Nike headbands

Nike Swoosh 2″ Headband

This is the best headband selection based on how absorbent the material is (69% cotton, 26% nylon, 5% rubber), and it’s also machine washable.

The other neat thing is that this Nike Headband line comes in 10 different colors and patterns. Nike Swoosh Headbands are a “one size fits all) product and are very affordable.

Best Foam Roller to Warm Up

Best Foam Rollers for home - Rogue Foam Roller

Rogue Foam Rollers

This is our budget pick for the best foam rollers. They are made from high-quality polypropylene foam that will hold its shape for massages or deep tissue therapy. It’s always recommended to warm up before your workout, and this is a great low impact method.

Rogue Fitness makes high-density foam rollers available in 2 density options, standard and ultra-firm. Rogue fitness rollers also come in two different lengths available in either density, 18″ and 36″ sizes. The foam roller diameter is 6″.

Best Weightlifting Shoes

best weightlifting shoes - Nike mens metcon training shoes

Nike Men’s Metcon 5 Training Shoes

These best lifting shoes are made with a wider heel and inserts designed for heavy lifts and high-impact training. This Hyperlift insert offers better offset and stability when lifting, especially during squats, deadlifts, and any agility movements.

The Nike Metcon is also the best powerlifting shoe with a heel made for the control and cushioning you need during any intense fitness activities. The rubber sides are made for abrasion when climbing ropes or other types of vertical movement and the TPU heel clip gives even more stability during later movements. These Nike Men’s Training Shoes come in 7 different color patterns to choose from.

Best Weight Vest

Best weight vest for men - Hyper vest pro

Hyper Pro Weighted Vest

Don’t forget about this workout accessory for even more intense fitness training. The Hyper Pro Weight Vest is moisture-wicking, washable, contoured, and provides optimal movement. People also love this vest because of its low profile design that can even be worn under your shirt.

The standard vest comes with 10lbs of pre-loaded weight.  There are 5lb booster packs that can be added and are available to purchase.  Depending on the size of the vest, the combined weight maximum can range between 22lb for the small and 48lb for XL. For other best weighted vests see my review on the best weight vests for men.

10 Best Workout Accessories-Wrap Up

As you can see, workout accessories for the gym are simple and inexpensive. However, they can make your life easier and improve your workout. They will help you lift more and make exercise safer.

For this review, I choose mainly Rogue Fitness Equipment. Both have an easy to navigate website and a no-hassle return policy. Dick’s even has stores throughout the U.S. so you can actually touch before you buy.

If you have any questions or comment on these best gym accessories, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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