10 Best Weight Training Accessories for Deadlifts

10 Best Weight Training Accessories for Deadlifts in 2021

Deadlifts are serious business for some, and just maybe the best muscle building exercise ever to get your strongest body. Because of this, we are going to introduce the 10 best weight training accessories for deadlifts in 2021.

If you have a small home gym, you will want to pay extra attention to your purchase as you most likely have limited room. This review will help you to choose more wisely. Other than a weight plate set, barbell, and rack, most of the other exercise accessories as fairly small and inexpensive. So here are some ideas for you.

Overview of the Best Weight Training Accessories for Deadlifting

I’ve provided links to each selection below. We feel that these best workout accessories are functional, easy to use, come with good reviews, and not overpriced.

Also, with the exception of the weight bars and racks, we have tried to keep these workout accessories under $100 to help save money on your home gym equipment.

Our 10 Best Weight Training Accessories for Deadlifts

There are way too many deadlift workout accessories to list, so we simply took a major one from each major category. Please let us know if you need more information or have any questions about the deadlifting accessories below.

#1. Best Barbell for Deadlifts

Best workout accessories - Rogue Fitness Ohio bar
Black Oxide Pictured

Rogue Ohio Bar

Introducing the Rogue Fitness Barbell. The “Ohio barbell” as they call it, is one of the strongest around for the price. It also comes with a lifetime barbell warranty which is very important considering the abuse these can take. The Rogue Fitness Ohio Bar comes in several different finishes including black zinc, black oxide, e-coat, and of course stainless steel.

Rogue Fitness invented that elephant bar deadlift named after their famous elongated and super strong barbell. This was only used by a few professionals for the men’s deadlift world record. An extra long barbell has a lot of room for plenty of plates.

Try the Rogue Fitness Axle Bar with a bigger grip, for more power and grip strength.

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#2. Best Smith Machine for Deadlifts

Best workout accessories - Titan Fitness smith machine

Titan Fitness Smith Machine

This is a very functional and reasonably priced smith machine and an excellent piece of weight training equipment. The Olympic weight storage posts are one of the most important details for convenience and to save space. This Smith Machine from Titan Fitness is made to last and comes with a weight capacity of 600lb.

There are 8 J-hooks for hooking in the barbell drop into position along with two adjustable safety catches. With a total height of 86″, the Titan Smith Machine has plenty of clearance for taller users. This is a one stop station for many types of muscle building exercises such as pull-ups, benches, calf raises to name a few.

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#3. Best Weightlifting Shoes for Deadlifts

Best workout accessories - Nike Savaleos shoes
Also Available in White/Black and Yellow/Gray

Nike Savaleos

There are several things that see weightlifting shoes apart from other types of “tennis” shoes. They are optimized in shape and size for heavy lifts. These Nike weightlifting shoes have a hook and loop strap system that locks your foot in an elevated position for better balance.

The durable rubber soles help to absorb impact are made to keep your feet flat and comfortable. Fortunately, these weightlifting shoes are also breathable with a padded mesh top. These specialized shoes dual purpose weightlifting shoes, being comfortable enough to do other activities at the gym so you don’t have to change.

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#4. Best Trap Bar for Deadlifts

Best workout accessories for deadlifting - Rogue Trap Bar

Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar

This is one of the best trap bars for deadlifting because of the durability of its frame welds, the quality US steel, and powder coat finish. At the same time, the Rogue trap bar is 25% lighter than most, making it less bulky when moving it around for a small basement or garage gym. And if you are looking for a money saving option, check out the Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar.

After durability, the 2nd best feature is the dual handle design. The Rogue Fitness Trap Bar gives you two different grip positions for deadlift variations. Simply flip the bar over to use the other set of parallel handles. These handle height options let you adjust to your frame and relieve pressure on the lower back. The handle design is made with a large enough diameter for a better grip.

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#5. Best Wrist Wraps for Deadlifts

Best wrist wraps - Rogue Wrist Wraps

Rogue Wrist Wraps

These Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps are affordable yet long-lasting and under $20. This important exercise fitness accessory comes in 3 different sizes according to your wrist diameter. Workout accessories for men like this one can also be worn on some women’s wrists as well.

Rogue wraps include a thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure as an option. Their wraps are secure, easy to adjust and you can put them on and remove quickly. There are multiple color choices, now up to 6 different ones.

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#6. Best Knee Sleeves for Deadlifts

Best Knee Sleeves - RehBand Knee Sleeves

RehBand RX Knee Sleeves

If you want to take care of your knees during heavy lifting, this may be your most important exercise equipment accessories. RehBand RX is a well known brand in the weightlifting industry for knee and elbow sleeves because of their excellent fit and comfort. Choose your size and your thickness according to your style of lifting.

These are made for heavy lifting with its Neoprene blend material you’re covered on joint compression, warmth, and stability. They offer colors from pink to blue to camo and every size from XS to 2XL. Keep in mind that these knee compression sleeves are sold individually.

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#7. Best Gloves for Deadlifts

Best lifting gloves - Nike Fitness Gloves

Nike Men’s Premium Wristwrap Fitness Gloves

These Nike fitness gloves are extremely comfortable and can be used for most any sport. The palms have a high-density foam padding to keep it flexible yet still allow them to be protected during heavy lifting.

The built in elastic wrist wraps keep your wrist joints stable as well as keeping the gloves securely on the hands. For the ladies, there are Nike Women’s Fitness Gloves, an almost identical pair in a reddish pink for about $5.00 less.

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#8. Best Weightlifting Belt for Deadlifts

Best weightlifting belt - Ethos weightlifting belt

Ethos Weightlifting Belt

This makes the list because it’s difficult to find a quality lifting belt for under $30. Leather lifting belts tend to bind and become uncomfortable, but not with this nylon lifting belt.

The 5″ padding offers support and comfort making this a great belt for heavy lifting. Their Ethos Lifting Belt comes in 4 different sizes, S-XL.

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#9. Best PowerLifting Straps for Deadlifts

Schiek power lifting wraps


These heavy-duty lifting straps are made out of tough nylon acrylic webbing and soft neoprene for wrist support. Schiek powerlifting straps are a two-in-one design with both straps and wraps for extra comfort and support. They are just waiting for your world record deadlift to happen.

The strap part is one foot long and the wrist support is secure, but quick release at the same time. They are cost efficient and long lasting. These are the bests lifting straps for the money and also come in black, black and blue, and black and red.

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#10. Best Weightlifting Rack for Deadlifts

Ethos Functional Training Rack - Ethos functional training rack

Ethos Functional Training Rack

For the money, this is best squat rack for the home if you are doing deadlifts. The biggest highlight of this weight rack is that it comes standard with the J-hooks, bar catches (spotter arms), weight plate horns, and a pull-up bar. Whereas most racks just give you the hooks. 

The adjustable pull-up bar even comes with several different handles for hammer grips, wide and narrow grips. The Ethos Squat Rack does not give a maximum weight capacity, but it is made with 11 gauge steel and thick uprights that are stronger than most folding squat racks.

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Best Weight Training Accessories for Deadlifts –

Wrap Up

If you want to step up your deadlift workouts to a new level, its important for you to have some of these minor workout accessories. They will make your deadlift routines safer and more productive.

The barbell deadlift exercise is probably the most popular deadlift exercise for muscle building. However, when performing these, one of our best recommendations is to use a “trap bar”. This will help relieve lower back stress and will be easier on your shins and knees. Check out the dual handle version above.

No matter what deadlift equipment you have, always use caution as this exercise hurts many people that attempt to overdue it and/or use poor deadlift form.

If you have any questions or comments on deadlift workout accessories or deadlifts equipment in general, please leave a message below.

For a great training resource, check out 10 Best Deadlift Exercises for 2021 and instructions on How To Deadlift Properly.

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