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Best Pre Workout for CrossFit – WOD “Workout Of the Day”

CrossFit and pre workout supplements work extremely well together.  Pre workouts are designed specifically for the type of high-intensity exercises that CrossFit is known for.  Because of this, it’s important to choose the best pre workout for CrossFit

They help to improve athletic performance, energy levels, and muscle endurance.  This supplement can benefit any extreme sport including HIIT, resistance classes, and weightlifting.  I’ll discuss how pre workouts work as well as some of the best options available.


Benefits of CrossFit

Crossfit and Pre Workout - man doing T bar rowsCrossFit has been successful for many reasons and because of this, is still sweeping across the country and worldwide.  About 20 years ago, a company called “Crossfit” began from a single gym.  Now it is more of a concept than a brand.

This sport can be considered a lifestyle of exercise and nutrition with the primary goals being weight loss, strength training, teamwork, and general health.

Because of the way CrossFit has been designed, it’s a full-body exercise routine using “functional” movements.  In other words, these are movements that you use in everyday scenarios.

CrossFit focuses on strength, stamina, and cardio, based on real life activities turned into an intense conditioning program.  Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, this is truly a rewarding program if you are willing to put in the work.


CrossFit and Pre Workout

Crossfit and Pre Workout - woman doing crossfitPre workouts are designed for anaerobic exercise such as Crossfit, as opposed to aerobic exercises such as long distance running.

Anaerobic exercise requires a more intense workload and includes explosive movements like the ones that are done in Crossfit.  There are more short, demanding bursts involved.

Pre workout supplements are a safe, effective way to supersize your performance to achieve your training goals.

This is not like your typical caffeinated energy drink.  Pre workout powders and drinks also include amino acid proteins that are designed to give your muscles more strength and stamina.

In addition to a pre workout supplement, Intra Workout Supplements or BCAA’s are recommended for better performance.  This is a drink made for during exercise that provides nutrients and electrolytes to keep you hydrated, therefore reducing fatigue.


Effective CrossFit Pre Workout Ingredients

These ingredients are scientifically formulated to give the energy and performance necessary when performing a high intensity exercise such as Crossfit.

Crossfit and Pre Workout - amino citrulline moleculeAmino Acid Proteins

The Amino acids (essential proteins) in these pre-workouts will enhance blood flow.

This brings more of the needed oxygen, hydration, and nutrients to your muscles faster and in larger quantities.  One such amino is L-Citrulline which synthesizes into Nitric Oxide.

This is what brings “vascularization”.  During exercise, the muscles use up nutrients and oxygen at a much higher rate.  When these are replenished quickly, your muscles will have longer endurance, feel stronger, and delay muscle fatigue.

Another Amino Acid, Beta-Alanine works as an antioxidant to increase training volume and keep you stronger for a longer period of time.  This is important in the best CrossFit pre workout supplement.


Crossfit and Pre Workout - cup of coffeeThe energy that a pre workout brings, helps you power through to the end of your workout.  It will help you stay energized, while increasing motivation and focus.

First, the Caffeine will kick in, to power you through the repetitive, challenging movements.  Next, the Amino Acids enhance your all-around muscle performance and stamina.

If you happen to be Caffeine Intolerant, you can still get the benefits of a pre workout supplement in a Caffeine Free Pre Workout.

B Vitamins and Minerals

You will also find a range of B vitamins in a pre workout supplement.  These are a natural form of energy.  Other names you will see for B vitamins are Riboflavin, Niacin, and Thiamin.

Some pre workouts also include potassium, sodium, and other minerals used for hydration.


“Best Pre Workout for CrossFit”

Crossfit and Pre Workout - man doing crunchesA cool thing about a Crossfit program is that “you get out what you put into it”.  Assuming that you are the type of person that goes full-on, a pre workout supplement can be very beneficial.

For Crossfit, I recommend some of the stronger pre workout supplements.  Look for the one that provides the most energy and amino acids for muscle endurance and stamina.

The strength of a pre workout powder can also be adjusted by the quantity mixed.  Just be very careful not to overdo the portions at first.  Work your way up slowly.

Pre workouts are strong supplements, so overdoing it can result in headaches, jitters, and sleepless nights.

Here are two strong pre workout examples:

Vintage Blast Pre Workout boasts of a two-stage effect.  This provides an initial “pop” of energy in the beginning and then delivers steady energy and hydration throughout the rest of your workout.

C4 Ultimate is a best selling pre workout that includes an “explosive energy blend”.  This consists of 300 mg of caffeine and is packed with the necessary Amino Acids that the body needs for intense exercise.

If you really want to get amped up, see my pre workout recommendations with the most caffeine.


Healthier Pre Workout Options

Since exercise goes hand in hand with nutrition, I’ll introduce a couple of the healthier pre workout CrossFit categories available.  These are quickly becoming more in demand withing the exercise supplement industry.

The most popular one is the All Natural Pre Workout Supplement.  What sets this one apart, is that they do not contain any artificial flavors, colorings, or sugars.  They pack the same punch as traditional pre workouts.

Crossfit and Pre Workout - USDA organic logoOrganic Pre Workout Supplements don’t contain any artificial ingredients either.  On top of this, they are also produced without the use of any pesticides, fertilizers, or any other man-made chemicals.

Lastly, there are Vegan Pre Workout Supplements.  For the most part, these vegan products usually are made with the same standards as the “all natural” and “organic”, but not always.

The main difference is that vegan pre workouts don’t contain any animal or dairy products.

Organic and Vegan pre workouts contain more quality and specialized ingredients.  They don’t always have as much of a kick as the traditional but are still quite effective.


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Fat Burning Pre Workouts

Crossfit and Pre Workout - woman with muscular stomachMany pre workouts contain thermogenic ingredients to help burn fat.  This type enables you to burn more calories than you would with exercise alone.  This makes these some of the best pre workouts for CrossFitters.

Some of these ingredients include cayenne pepper, Yohimbe root, and green coffee bean.  They work to heat up your body and increase your metabolism to burn calories at a higher rate.

Caffeine is also well known and highly studied thermogenic that is found in many diet supplements.

These pre workouts stimulate fat loss and calorie burn in two different ways.  The increased metabolism while at the same time, a more intense exercise program from the energy of a pre workout.

Combining a thermogenic pre workout, paired with exercise increases your fat burn potential more than a diet program.

If you have any questions or comment in regards to pre workouts for fat burn, please leave a message below.


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CrossFit Muscle Recovery

Crossfit and Pre Workout - cup of protein powderSince Crossfit is one of the most intense exercise programs out there, it takes more amino acid proteins and other nutrients to replenish your muscles afterward.

Post Workout Protein Powders are the best way to promote proper muscle recovery.

After a hard workout, your muscle tissues are broken down.  Amino acids are these building blocks of protein to jump start protein synthesis.

This rebuilds the muscles to be stronger and larger than they were before.

The peak absorption time to get these nutrients to your muscles is about 1-3 hours after your exercise.  It is thought that this timing is critical for the best muscle growth and development.  There are protein powders specifically made for both men and women.

⇒ If you have any questions or comments on protein powders, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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Best Pre Workouts for CrossFit Wrap Up

Crossfit and Pre Workout - man with tattoos swinging kettlebellCrossfit can be extremely rewarding and is one of the most intense and grueling training methods around.

Because this is a high intensity, anaerobic sport, a pre workout supplement is beneficial to increase your athletic performance and muscle endurance.

Because Crossfit is a full body, functional exercise that demands vigorous energy you should have the best pre workout for Crossfitters.  It’s recommended to get one of the stronger pre workouts that contain larger amounts of caffeine and amino acid proteins.

This supplement will enable you to get through your movements with more power, agility, and less fatigue.

⇒ If you have any further questions or comments on the best pre workout supplement for Crossfit, please leave a message below and I will respond.


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