The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss in 2021 – Crush Your New Year’s Goals

By using the best diet plan for weight loss in 2021 this year can be different, and better than ever. To help with the “new you”, I’m going to introduce the Noom Health and Wellness Program.

Noom works a bit differently than others. Instead of sending you food packages that you may or may not like, Noom provides a thorough food list and gives you a personalized health coach. The method that they have developed actually helps to change your eating habits long term as well as the way that you view eating as a whole.

Although the Noom Health and Wellness Program is one of the newest programs out there, it still has a proven track record based on the scientific method of calorie density.

Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss for 2021

New Years’ is a prime time for many of us to start over again with reaching new goals. However, you can start losing weight in any given month. This program is appropriate for any time of the year and it can work well with every type of person.

The truth is, you can reach your weight loss goals with any number of wellness and diet plans out there. However, most people need some excellent motivation and easy to follow method to succeed. An added bonus is that an exercise program to go along with your diet is not required (but recommended).

What Is the Noom Weight Loss Program

The Noom Health and Wellness Program is based on a user-friendly and unique website and phone app. This scientific method on food density is broken down into 3 simple categories rather than simply calorie counting. It’s called the Noom food list, and it allows you to eat many of the food that you already enjoy.

This will help to change the way that you eat while enjoying some of the Noom benefits such as getting a healthier body and increased energy, all without going hungry.

How Does Noom Work

The next part that sets the Noom Health and Wellness Program apart from the others is a Noom coach which will answer questions and bring motivation. There are other coaching programs out there, but this personalized assistance usually is found in pricy packages.

In addition to this life coach, Noom offers group support, an activity tracker, the ability for calorie counting, and important articles which help with your weight loss. These activities together, make for a fat burning program and encourage you to develop healthier eating habits.

Lastly, this is not an overnight, magic weight loss program. Because Noom is set up for long term weight loss, it can take up to several weeks to see considerable changes in your body.

After signing up, Noom gives you your full plan about what you can eat and the strategy to achieve your weight loss goals. The Noom app helps you track your food and water intake to keep you hydrated, as well as monitoring daily activities.

Noom even gives you your expected date that you will accomplish specific weight loss goals. If you would like to learn how the Noom Health and Wellness Program measures up to their competitors, check out my review on Noom vs Weight Watchers.

What Is a Noom Coach?

As I mentioned above, the Noom coach is one of the benefits that sets Noom apart from other weight loss programs.

This is beneficial by having access to your Noom Health Coach with the “chat” feature on your phone app. They will offer advice, answer questions, help with your food plan, motivate and help to keep you on course. Keep in mind that this feature works only during regular working hours.

To become a Noom coach, they are required to take classes and pass specific testing to become certified in this program.

Noom Trial

Once you launch Noom on their app or website, this automatically starts your Trial Period. This way you can be confident in their weight loss diet plan before spending any money.

You will need a form of payment to start, but nothing is billed during the Noom trial period.

So Noom can get to know more about you and offer the best individualized program, there are a few personal details that must be answered before starting.

This includes age, gender, eating habits, activity levels, weight loss goals, among others. After this, it will get right into starting your Noom program.

If you decide that Noom is not right for you, be sure to cancel your subscription rather than just deleting the app. Otherwise, Noom won’t know that you weren’t satisfied and will charge you.

How Much Does Noom Cost

Noom has several different plan options. The least expensive one starts with the monthly plan of $59 or you can choose how many months you would like to pay upfront. The prices are discounted when ordering multiple months.

The best Noom results have been shown to happen around the 16 week period, so plan on being a part of this program for at least that long.

Noom Benefits

Listing some of the Noom benefits should help answer any other Noom questions that you may have.

Noom Benefits

  • The Noom model is supported by science and research
  • It provides the actual date that weight goals will be achieved
  • Their Noom food lists is an easy to use system
  • You can get help from the Noom community as a resource
  • Noom learns your eating and exercise habits to offer better help
  • Ask your Noom Coach for support, answer questions, and motivate
  • The Noom app runs on tablets and smartphones: Apple, Android, Google, Amazon
  • Noom automatically updates with the latest technologies and studies
  • This wellness program has one of the largest databases of food choices available
  • Your personal Noom Coach will help customize a plan for you
  • Website offers many other learning resources to increase customer knowledge


What Is the Noom Food List?

To give a “taste” of what Noom is about, here is a brief breakdown of the three Noom food categories.

There are recommended percentages that should be eaten from each food group. The plan encourages you to eat more from the green foods list then followed by the yellow, and lastly the red.

Noom Food List - Noom diet food list

Noom Green Food List

  • Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, bananas, tomatoes, apples, oranges.
  • Hearty veggies: sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, spinach
  • Dairy: non-fat Greek yogurt and non-fat cheese
  • Whole grains: oatmeal and brown rice, alternatives such as almond milk and tofu

The best foods to eat, these nutrient-filled foods are the best choice diet choice. These foods help you will feel energetic the entire day. The more you add these items to your daily eating ritual, the better you will do on your weight loss goals.

Noom Yellow Food List

  • Lean protein, such as salmon, grilled chicken, and tuna
  • Legumes: chickpeas and black beans
  • Low-fat yogurt and milk, including eggs and cheeses
  • Grains such as couscous and quinoa, as well as alternatives such as whole-grain tortillas

The yellow list foods are slightly denser in calories than those on the green list. Noom recommends consuming lesser amounts than the green food list.

Noom Red Food List

  • Oils: coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil
  • Processed meat: bacon, ham, salami
  • Guilty pleasures: hamburgers, chocolates, fries, pizza
  • Condiments: Ranch, mayonnaise, dressing
  • Sugars: sweets, candy, chocolate, sugary fruit juices

These foods are the highest in calories, sugars, saturated fats, sodium and processed carbohydrates. You can still eat these “bad foods”, but in moderation.

The Noom Diabetes Prevention Program

If you like what you hear about Noom thus far, some of you may be interested in their Noom Diabetes Program. The cost for this program is $89.99 per month and is supported by scientific studies.

First of all, weight loss greatly reduces your chances of type 2 diabetes, so this opportunity can be life-changing. This prevention program focuses on improved eating habits, better sleep, stress management, and emotional support.


The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss WrapUP

So whether you are starting your New Years commitment or just fed up with your body fat, the Noom Health and Wellness Program is an easy to follow and proven way to lose weight.

The highlights of this plan are the vast number of foods that you can eat, personal assistance from your Noom coach, many informational and learning resources, and a phone app to help you track everything.

Noom is designed for long term weight loss by actually changing the way you view your diet. The food choices enable you to consume a healthier diet while helping you feel good by giving your body more energy. All of this without having to go hungry.

If done correctly, Noom has a high rate of success, and you can keep the weight off permanently.

If you have any questions or would like to know more on what Noom is about, please leave a message below and I will respond.

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