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Benefits of a Pre Workout – See What You’ve Been Missing!

Whether you are young or old, athlete or amateur, you could be missing out on all the benefits of that you can get with a Pre Workout Supplement.  Saying that pre workout supplements have changed lives might sound crazy, but I can tell you that it has improved people’s overall fitness routines, helped them to achieve exercise goals, and changed the way they go about all things healthy for the rest of their lives.

Have you ever taken pre workout supplements?  Or are you new to the supplement world.  Either way, I will attempt to give you enough information on pre workouts to help you make a choice on whether or not it is for you.

Cross-fit and HIIT

The benefits of a pre workout may be realized as we learn more about them.  Approximately half of the clients that you see in the gym are taking a pre workout for the energy, motivation and increased performance.  Cyclists, Runners HIIT (high intensity inteval training) and Crossfitters can also be seen taking it.

I’m going to go into detail about the key benefits that taking a pre workout powder brings.  Not just what the advertisers say, but  the benefits in real life with research and reviews.  What’s with the the big hype with pre workouts?

We also talk about the advantage of pre workout and weight loss, many of you will want to know more about this. I’ll offer as much personal experience and knowledge, from someone who has been taking nutritional supplements for 30 years.

Pre Workout Benefits

The combination of benefits that we are about to talk about will have you exercising faster, smarter and harder than you ever have before.  Your workout length of time and intensity also increases, therefore giving you more muscle gains and achieving you goals  Your muscles will recover quicker which means that you will not be as sore, and that you can get into your next workout sooner.

  • Improves time to failure and work capacity by providing energypre-workout-benefits
  • Draws fluid to muscles making them have a greater appearance.
  • Boosts adrenaline helping breakdown fat cells.
  • Enhances physical performance.
  • Enhances the blood flow and helps muscles have a quicker recovery.
  • Boost power for a longer and harder workout.
  • Improves focus and attention.
    Uses energy to burn fat cells first rather than carbohydrates.

Here’s a Quick Rundown of the Active Ingredients That do the Work

Caffeine gives you energy and helps with burning fat.
Creatine increases muscle growth and size.
Beta Alanine helps muscles do more work so you can push harder.
Citrulline helps with reducing fatigue.
Amino Acids to help reduce fatigue and increase blood flow to your muscles.

What’s the Big Deal with Pre Workout Supplements?pre-workout

The fact is that many gym goers can’t go a day without their pre workout, while others have never tried it.  So we will attempt to educate our non supplement friends about how pre workout works and what effects it has.  This in hopes that not only the newbie, but also the hardcore supplement junky will come away with something new.

Surprisingly enough, no one at the gym or at any event really discuss pre-workout supplements, let alone the advantages and disadvantages of it.  Like it doesn’t exist.

I don’t even see pre workout supplements advertised on TV.  This leaves us with the only option of getting educated by Men’s Health or other magazines.

The big deal about pre workouts is that for less than a $1.00 per day, you can change the way you workout forever.  Besides giving you more energy, there is much more going on with it’s effects.   Pre workout gets you to focus and brings motivation.  This encourages you to have a better and more intense workout.

Mr-HydeWhen you have better focus at the gym, you move quicker, rest less, work harder and longer.  This becomes a much more productive in the period of time you’re there.  Just the fact that you don’t tire as easily and can go longer is a major advantage to reaching your goal.

My good friend and workout buddy keeps a container of his pre workout powder, his shaker and a bottle of water, in his car so wherever he may be, he can mix and take his pre workout 15 minutes before he gets to the gym.  He definitely realizes the benefits of taking his pre workout.  The reason for the 15 minutes is explained in Timing is Everything.

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Other Contributing Factors That a Pre Workout Benefits

One factor that I recently started noticing is that with age, both men and women tend to slow down a bit.  We can become more tired, and maybe even just a little bit lazy sometimes.

This is another benefit of pre workout, because as you get older your body changes.  At this point we can really use that energy, focus and motivation.  When I say older, we can be talking about anywhere between 40 and 60 years old.  This is when our testosterone and estrogen fades and really becomes a factor.

benefits-pre-workoutAnother cool benefit of pre workout supplements is the weight loss and calorie burn.  There are no particular ingredient in pre workouts that burns fat.  This is proven because of the effect that the pre workout has on your exercise.  You natural burn a lot more calories or fat from the enhanced way that you are working out.

With this additional energy, motivation, focus and endurance you are sure to burn many more calories per session than you would have without a pre workout.  So hang up your diet pills(which aren’t proven to work anyway) and pick up your pre workout for weight loss.  FYI, do not reward yourself afterwards by gorging out afterwards because of you are so proud of your great workout.

The Beneficial Pre workout Conclusion

pre-workout-drinkOur goal was to break down the benefits of pre workout supplements.  Since I use pre workouts myself for quite a few years, I have definitely witnessed pre workout benefits first hand and have been happy with the results.

A pre workout supplement will bring more energy, strength and endurance to any sport.  It can increase your performance to make it easier to reach your goals. Don’t forget about the focus and motivation that comes along with this added vigor.

The material in this post is pretty on point.  However, couple of things in the research can sound a bit exaggerated.  Such as, you may not feel all of the effects that I have listed in this post.

However, I have to say that the positives should outweigh the negatives enough for anyone on the fence about pre workout to give it a try.  If you get even half of the benefits of the best case scenario, you will be well on your way to over achieving your goals.

Many athletes as well at amateur gym goers use pre workout supplements.  Wherever you fall within these categories, your in luck because these supplements are meant for anyone to use.

For more information and recommendations on a pre workout, I have a great review on the Best Pre Workout Supplements.   Hope you learned something about pre workout, and if you currently take pre workout that you take away something new.

Whether you are taking pre workout or not, or have any questions about the benefits of this supplement, please leave a comment, story, or suggestion in the box below.pre-workout-energy

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