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All Natural Organic Pre Workout – It’s All About Your Health

I’ve been asked several questions regarding all natural organic pre workout, or known just as organic pre workout.  My followers have requested more information and reviews on this product.  So here is some great information and an introduction to a couple of great products.  I will definitely be doing a full review of the best organic pre workout in the future.

Organic pre workouts are fairly new to the supplement market.  Some stores still don’t have any organic options.  I will be discussing where you can purchase the best organic pre workouts for the best price.  The availability will change as more and more consumers are being concerned and will be paying more attention to what they are putting in their bodies.

Organic pre workouts do cost more to manufacture, so therefore will be a bit more expensive to the consumer.   There are good reasons why organics cost more, and I will be discussing why in this post.

Organics have come a long way to catch up with their artificially, pesticidal counterparts.  As of recent, they are now much more comparable though generally not as potent.  Some of the “regular” pre workout manufacturers have even made steps to make their products more “natural”.

We will be discussing what it means to be organic, what organic pre workout products are recommended and how organic pre workouts compare to all natural and regular pre workouts.

What it Means to be Organicorganic-pre-workout

The most important thing for an organic pre workout is that is must follow and be inspected by USDA organic regulations.  They are the authority that oversee all of the agriculture in the United States.  Any pre workouts that have not been through the USDA inspections, cannot be labelled organic.

Organic produce and other ingredients have to be grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.  Organic meat, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.

I’m not sure that I know what all of that means, and don’t think it is worth out time researching it right now.  We will stick to the basics.  I’ll leave the rest up to the professionals.

These stringent regulations keep many nutritional supplement companies from producing organic pre workouts.  There is a lot of red tape that the growers and manufacturers have to go through to make this product, and the cost many times is not worth the profit.  In the end, the final outcome is a quality product that if far superior and healthier than other supplements.

Recommended Organic Pre Workout Supplements



Product:   Organic muscle – Organic Pre Workout
Price Range:    $$$
Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon.com
Container size:  160g or 20 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  4.4 out of 5
Organic Muscle at organicmuscle.com
Pros and Cons:  Energy derived from organic green coffee bean extract and green tea extact.  100% vegan ingredients.  Mid level price point for organic..



Product:   Garden of Life Sport -Organic Pre Workout Energy
Price Range:     $
Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon.com
Container size:  231g or 40 servings
Guarantee:  30 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  3.7 out of 5
Garden of Life at gardenoflife.com
Pros and Cons:  Provides a strong nitric oxide blend as well as plenty of vitamin B vitamins for a metabolism boost.  Sugar free.  A very economical option.



Product:   Ora Renewable Energy Pre Workout Powder
Price Range:     $$
Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon.com
Container size:  200g or 20 servings
Guarantee:  60 day satisfaction guarantee
My Rating:  3.7 out of 5
Ora at ora.organic
Pros and Cons:  American made.  60 day guarantee is longer that most.  90mg of Caffeine.  Some a little iffy about the flavor.

These organic pre workouts are the three highest rated that I could find, but there are not many others available right now.  Unfortunately there are not many organic pre workouts to choose from yet.

My local Whole Foods with only one organic pre workout available.

This will change quickly over time as people are discovering that organic is a real thing.  There is definitely an increasing demand for this kind of supplement.

For some reason there are tons of organic post workout protein supplements out there to choose from.  Just a few years ago there weren’t any, so I believe that organic pre workouts will come around just like the post workouts did.

Don’t be Fooled by Frauds

When you are searching for an organic pre workout, many of other similar kinds will come up on your search that seem like organic.  Most of these are marketed as “natural” pre workouts.  There is nothing wrong with these except that they are not organic.

This is not organic!

The all natural pre workouts have become increasingly popular because they are more healthier that the regular brands.  They usually have no artificial sugars or colors and say that they use all natural ingredients.

These all natural ingredients don’t mean much in the organic world because pre workout supplements are not FDA approved.  Therefore, there is no one to police the ingredients, so they can’t prove the purity of their ingredients.

If you would like to know more all natural please read my post on, All Natural Pre Workout Supplements.

There are other kinds of supplements disguised as organic.  Besides the “all natural’ pre workouts, companies attempt to hide their product under organic by advertising GMO Free.

This sounds good except that it is not organic and does not have to go through all of the standards and inspections.  Natural just means that it has not been genetically modified.

Must have USDA Organic seal on package

Make sure to look for the USDA Organic label on your pre workouts or anything else that you want to go organic.

Vegan Organic Pre Workouts

Some will associate organic with vegan.  Just because a pre workout is organic doesn’t mean that if has to be vegan.  It just so happens that many organic pre workouts are vegan, but it is not the rule.

In our recommended pre workouts in this post, both the Organic Muscle and the Garden of Life Sport are vegan.  The Ora Renewable Energy is not.  The effectiveness or the quality is not affected by this factor.  It shouldn’t really matter to you unless you are a vegan

If you would like to read more on Vegan pre workouts and see my top recommendations for these check out my post on Organic Vegan Pre Workouts.

An Organic Conclusion

I was amazed at how few organic pre workout are available to the consumer, but that will change soon.  We will be seeing more and more organic pre workouts on the market soon.  Personally, I’m not an “organic” person unless it comes to my produce, buy I will be giving organic pre workout a try.

Organic does cost a little bit more, but I think you can see why from the strict growing and manufacturing processes that they have to go through.  Organic will always cost a bit more than non-organic.  As with most things, you get what you pay for.

Beware of fake organic pre workouts.  Make sure that they have the USDA Organic seal on the packaging.  Natural or non-GMO does not mean organic.

Organic pre workouts probably will not be quite as strong or potent as regular pre workouts.  They are not packed with Caffeine as heavily.  Also, some of the other ingredients for vascularity are plant based which may not give you as an intense of a feeling.  But I still think that the organic pre workout is great and worth a try with your exercise program.

If you have any questions of comments about organic pre workout please leave a comment below.  If you have tried any of the organic pre workouts please tell us about it.pre-workout-energy

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6 thoughts on “All Natural Organic Pre Workout – It’s All About Your Health”

  1. As far as I would like to believe and consider trusting these natural organic, I still need to understand how they differ from other supplements. Because I believe somehow somewhere they are processed just like all the others. I have read a lot about these supplements and their side effects.

    How can you assure us that these ones are safe and not similar to the  others?


    • Hi Laina,

      From what I’ve read, the pre workouts that have the USDA Organic seal have been through some very strict guidelines.  

      I can tell you that they have not been processed like the regular pre workouts because of the ingredients.  Instead of using sucralose, they use less processed sugars like Stevia and others.

      There are no artificial colorants in these.  The nitric acid and other amino acids come from vegetables rather than a processed chemical with no known side effects.

      If your looking for something that packs more punch, you can also try Natural Pre Workouts. They don’t contain any artificial ingredients or sugars, but will give you a little bit more pep than organics.



  2. Those are really great strides  in manufacturing organic Pre workouts supplements. The organic muscle Organic Pre Work out seems  like the real deal. We all know green tea extract is one of the best ingredients. It is good to see that all these supplements  are not that expensive. I assume that the supplements are for both men and women? Thank you for the clarification on what is organic and what is natural. Most of us get confused by the two words. Thank you for this informative article.

    • Thanks Carol,

      I learned a lot myself.  I’m hoping to review one of these organic pre workouts after trying for myself.

      I would say that these would be great for women.  For example, the natural caffeine quantity is much lower than the regular pre workouts which could be better for the lighter female metabolism and frame.

      Since you mentioned supplements for women, check out my Best Pre Workout for Women post.



  3. Thank you for sharing! I have used pre-work out supplements for many years now, never even though about the possibility of organic options. Do you use these yourself? I love the information about what is actually in these products, but am curious how they compare to the pre-work outs that have been on the shelves for years. Do you still get that pumped up feeling? I know most of the ones that I use have Niacin to give that tingling feeling which some people do not like, do these have Niacin in them? I appreciate the help, good luck on your blog!

    • Travis,

      I hadn’t thought about Organic pre workouts before either.  I use to think organics were for hippies, but they were ahead of their time.  I have not personally tried the organic yet.  I plan on reviewing one that I’ve purchase in the near future.

      An alternative to organic pre workout is the All Natural Pre workout, which doesn’t have the artificial ingredients or sugars either still packs more of a punch.

      I expect the organic to be a little bit weaker, but I can always take a little more.  We will see.

      It is the Niacin and the beta alanine that gives you that tingling feeling, and yes these have them.  It just that they come from plants, so it is a more natural source.

      The vascularity or pump comes from the nitric oxide which organic pre workouts have, but once again taken from vegetables.

      One of the best things about organics is to get away from all of the artificial sweeteners.




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