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I started working out at a very young age, coached by my “health nut” grandfather. By age 14 I had moved on to weightlifting. For some reason, I really caught on to how to work out effectively in the gym.  It enabled me to excel in football and wrestling through high school.

It felt great to get “pumped up” at the gym, and really liked the physique that I was getting from working out.  The heroes of that time like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Olivia, Frank Zane and Lou Ferrigno really motivated me.  I even did some amateur bodybuilding.

This is when I started benefiting from nutritional supplements including pre workouts, intra workouts or BCAA’s, and post workout protein powders.

Pushing myself hard in sports helped me keep my life on track throughout college, and there I started helping the other guys at the college gym.  I received a Bachelor in Science from UNC for pre-med, but didn’t go any further than that with my schooling for this.

After college sports, I continued weight training and running.  Exercise gives me an outlet from stress, and helps me grounded.  I’ve had a few ups and downs with things like shoulder injuries, but these have just motivated me more.

I’m still helping people reach their fitness goals in and outside of the gym.  Nutrition has also become a huge part of my life these days.  This includes eating healthy and taking nutritional supplements, thus starting

Pre workout supplements on store shelves

Getting through the supplement jungle

Pre workouts and other nutritional supplements can help us to excel in most fitness categories.  These include running, Cross-fit, powerlifting, exercise classes, swimming and team sports.  Pre and post workout supplements are even proven to help with weight loss.

One of the largest problems with these supplements is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of them.  Will all of the convincing advertisements, raw sounding names and bright colors.  The only way I was able to find out what works for me was to try them all. I don’t recommend this because it can be time consuming and expensive.

My schooling background in science and chemistry came in handy trying to weed through the good ones and the bad. Because of this, I expanded my website to other exercise supplements from just pre workouts.  Some problems that I’ve come across while taking supplements are that some taste awful, are too potent or not potent enough, will keep you up all night, or give gas and bloating.


Finding what is right for you

I designed to review and recommend the best products on the market, along with giving information on ingredients and my experience to help make informed decisions on your supplement selections.  Our bodies react differently to certain products, but if I can help to narrow down the search, you no longer have to purchase and try every brand until you get it right.

If you ever have any questions about nutritional supplements or anything else in the realm of exercise products, feel free to contact me and I will be sure to get right back to you.

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2 thoughts on “Pre Workout Challenge – About Jim”

  1. Hi Jim, There is nothing in your website I don’t like, anything to do with your sport i love it. I been working out for about eighteen
    years, and was once crazy about it! now just my keep fit is enough-). Anyway most important, your website . its great with tons of information and looks great as well, The colors are cool as well, perhaps I would add a video or two,( If you have it already I miss it)
    Good luck

    • Thanks for the nice review!! Sounds like you still take care of your body.

      Yeah, the Youtube thing. That is coming, even bought a tri-pod. Just trying to get up the nuts to do it.

      Since you are still working out, recently wrote a post that was pretty interesting and I learned a lot from researching it. It was about Organic Pre Workouts. Good stuff if you want to check it out.




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